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Chapter 4: The Sutra Is Long, the Night Is Short

Before Nivedano calls you back, do two things: first, gather as much silence, as much peace, as much fragrance of the beyond - you have to bring it with you. Don’t come empty-handed.

And second, persuade the buddha, he has lived too long hidden at the center. He is your very nature. He has to be brought into your daily activities: walking, sitting, sleeping, he has to be with you just like your heartbeat, just like your breathing. He is your ultimate breathing, the ultimate heartbeat of the universe.

If you persuade him, he will come. He has been waiting for you for centuries, but he will not come with you unless you persuade him, unless you welcome him into your ordinary, simple life activities.

In your words, in your gestures, in your silences, in your songs, in your dances, let him be an inner participant. Slowly, slowly you will disappear in him, and he will become a solid reality in the world. That day is the most fortunate day in one’s life.

You are all on the right path. I hope you will all be fulfilled, and not only fulfilled, you will overflow with joy and bliss and benediction for the whole world.



Come back. But remember not to forget that you are a buddha, not to forget witnessing.

With great silence and peace, sit down for a few moments, just to remember and recollect the golden path you have traveled, the tremendous silence at the center of your being. And the grace of the buddha, who has come closer, is just behind you.

He is now almost like a shadow, but ultimately he will become the reality and you will become the shadow. That is the moment of enlightenment.

I call this:

Straight to the point of enlightenment!