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Chapter 11: Man: The Call of the Eternal

Phiroze Hansotia, the most significant thing to remember is that life is not a business. It does not exist for any particular end. It exists for the sheer joy of existing. There is no goal as such. Hence the moment you have achieved silence, meditativeness, awareness, prayerfulness - and you are capable of living the moment in total abandon - then there is no goal, no end. To live passionately in that moment is a blessing unto itself.

But that’s how mind works. Now, Phiroze is a doctor - he must be a PhD or D.Litt. - he is a professor at the University of Wisconsin, so he is thinking logically. And life is not logic, life is not philosophy. Life is a dance, a song, a celebration. It is more like love and less like logic.

Do you ever ask why you love, to what end? Do you ever ask why you appreciate a beautiful sunset, to what end? Do you ask why the starry nights are beautiful? Why the roses are beautiful? Why a certain face, certain eyes, a certain gesture suddenly catches your heart and you miss a heartbeat? What happens? To what end?

Logic is business. In business you always ask, “What am I going to gain out of it? What is going to be the profit?” And I tell you, your so-called religions are all businesslike, because they all tell you that you will attain paradise and the kingdom of God and you will have all kinds of heavenly pleasures - beautiful women who remain always young, with golden bodies, who don’t perspire!

I have heard:

Muktananda died - it is a future story! - and the same day, after a few hours, one of his disciples died. The disciple was very excited when he reached heaven. He was thinking that Paramahansa Baba Muktananda must be enjoying heaven; now he must be getting all the rewards possible for those who were siddhas, for those whose kundalini has risen. And he was dreaming and fantasizing about what he was going to see.

And when he reached inside, certainly the stories that he had heard before were true - Muktananda was sitting under a tree and Sophia Loren was sitting in his lap. And they were hugging and kissing each other.

The disciple fell at the feet of Muktananda and said, “My great master, so you have been well rewarded.”

Muktananda said, “Shut up, you fool! I have not been rewarded, it is Sophia Loren who is being punished!”

Certainly, to hug Muktananda is a punishment! But all these people have been thinking of heavenly pleasures. There are rivers of wine, vodka. Here Morarji Desai is drinking his urine - and the reward? The reward is that he will go to heaven, where rivers of wine will be made available to him. Then he will take revenge for all that he has done, all that sacrifice of drinking urine for his whole life. How much he has suffered! This is true asceticism. One never knows what he is doing in privacy - he may be doing even more ascetic things! This is a publicly known fact, but there must also be some private, secret practices. He will be rewarded, greatly rewarded! These are all projections of greed.

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