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Chapter 5: A World inside You

That’s why there is something missing in a homosexual or a lesbian relationship - there is no dialectics. The homosexual relationship is far more logical, remember, and because it is logical it is simple; because it is logical there is less complexity about it, less conflict in it. It is not accidental that the homosexuals are called “gay” people - they are gay! They are happier than the heterosexual people because there is no conflict. A man can understand another man more easily than he can ever understand a woman. A woman can understand another woman more easily than she will be ever able to understand a man because man is a totally different existence. Their ways differ: they function from different centers. To each other they look absurd.

The man functions through the intellect; the woman functions through intuition. The man goes about everything through reasoning; the woman simply jumps on the conclusion without going through any reasoning. The man is simply amazed! He cannot find any clue. He may have lived with the woman his whole life, still the woman remains a mystery. And the same is true for the woman: the man remains a mystery. He cannot understand simple things which she can see clearly: that smoking can bring cancer. “Why do you go on smoking? Drinking alcohol will kill you sooner. Then why are you poisoning yourself?”

Mulla Nasruddin’s wife was telling him.When he was drinking whisky one night, she told him, “I have told you a thousand and one times, stop all this nonsense! This is slow poisoning! This is slow suicide!”

Nasruddin looked at her and said, “Please don’t exaggerate! You have not told me one thousand and one times - maybe a few dozen times. Don’t exaggerate. Moreover, I am not in any hurry, so let it be slow poisoning! I am not in a hurry to die.”

The man and the woman are constantly arguing about each and everything; they never agree about anything. They cannot agree: by their very natures agreement is not possible. There is always tension. Hence gay people are really gay. When you see two homosexuals hand in hand going for a morning walk you can see the joy! You never see that joy between a husband and wife - impossible. The gay relationship is simple; but because it is simple, because there is no tension in it, no conflict in it, there is no growth either. There is no pain in it, hence it is stagnant. There are no more surprises in it.

The woman remains always to be discovered by the man, and vice versa. You cannot exhaust discovering a man or a woman. If you belong to the opposite pole it is an endless discovery; you will never come to a conclusion.

Existence is not logical, and it is good, otherwise there would have been only death and no life. If God were Aristotelian there would have been no life at all. There would have been peace all over - nobody to know it nobody to experience it. It is good that God is Hegelian, that he has created polarities.

Tao talks about yin and yang: that is its most fundamental approach to understanding existence. And you have to go deep into it.

There is a great attraction between man and woman for the simple reason that they are mysterious to each other. The same thing creates conflict and the same thing creates attraction. The farther away they are, the greater the distance between them, the more the attraction between them.

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