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Chapter 15: I Am Not a Prophet

There are people, though, in the world, that we’ll probably never meet who start out life pursuing completely different goals with a totally different attitude, a different set of values from ourselves. Who’s to say which is the better set of values? When you say, “Live and let live,” that also means tolerance, and therefore, in order for these two ideas to live and let live with each other, you have to adopt this ugly word tolerance and tolerate each other?

No, I accept their right to be themselves. I am not tolerating; I will criticize them if I feel it is wrong. It is out of compassion and love that I will criticize them, because I am concerned about them. Tolerance simply means: go to hell, we aren’t bothered. There are different sets of values, different ideologies, and I love the freedom for myself, and for them. They may be against me, that does not make any difference. I will fight for their freedom too, just the way I will fight for my freedom. But I will not tolerate, I will criticize them. Either someday they have to accept me, or someday I have to accept them. Tolerance means that we have decided that now there is no possibility of any bridge. So what to do? Just let them be, and you be. I am not.

So that’s your use of the word never, then, because you mean infinity?

Infinity ( to the very end of infinity, I will not tolerate anybody.

I see.. When you mentioned different ideologies you said, ”Don’t get institutionalized.” You say you fight that. And, “Don’t become an organization, remain an organism.” In other words, you don’t approve of institutionalized religion. Then I look at the sign on my hotel wall, and it says “Rajneeshism.” Perhaps it’s semantics, but ism would suggest a structure ( an ideology ( which would suggest an organization. So if you have Rajneeshism, you’re bound to become organized.

That is simply the poverty of language, there is no other word to replace ism. It is just out of necessity that my people have used that word; otherwise, there is no ism here, no organization here. We are living in an organic unity. But it is always a problem with language: language is old, language is coming from thousands of years, and you have to use that language. An ism needs a certain dogma; we have none. An ism needs a certain discipline; we have none. An ism needs a fanatic approach; we do not have any fanaticism. So it is just a necessary evil that we have to use the word ism. If you can suggest another word, we can change it.

Well, Rajneeshism has been described as a cult. Do you disagree with that?

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