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Chapter 15: Inquire of the Holy Ones

If you can become peaceful, you will soon find that you are entering another world - a world in which many bodiless spirits are only too eager to help you. These spirits can reveal many secrets to you, secrets which you would not be able to attain through your own efforts - even after many lifetimes. These spirits have not as yet attained nirvana - it is extremely difficult to establish contact with the ones who have - but they are bodiless and are just waiting for a favorable birth. And it is very easy to establish contact with them, it is simply a matter of tuning - just like moving the knobs on a radio so that the needle stops at exactly the right station. If there is even a slightly wrong movement to this side or to that side of the station then much noise is created, much noise is heard. But if the needle stops at the right place, you have tuned into the right station.

In exactly the same way, if you can learn the art of tuning your meditation to the right point, then you can connect your meditation to any source. Many spirits are only too eager to help you to accomplish a lot of your work. And there are also many spirits only too eager to harm you and to spoil much of the work you have already done. Those who are evil-natured take delight in causing trouble for other people. And those who are good-natured delight in making others happy.

There are many spirits around you that can be helpful to you, and there are many spirits that can cause you harm. If you are full of fear, if you are very worried, if your mind is in a lot of turmoil, the chances are that you will come into contact with evil spirits - because then you are like an open door for them. It often happens that you see ghosts when you are very scared. It does not mean that they are born out of your fear. It means that because of your fear, contact is made with them. Fear makes you available to them.

And when you are fearless, blissful, peaceful - in such a state, contact with the evil spirits cannot happen. As far as that is concerned, your doors are closed. But in these moments your contact with good spirits is possible. It is what I am constantly saying to you during the meditations: that only in a moment of bliss, in a moment of absolute bliss, can you meet the divine. There is no other way. This is tuning. When you are filled with bliss, then you become connected to the universal source of bliss. When you are full of misery, you become connected to the vast expanses of misery - wherever they are in the world.

We say a miserable person goes to hell. He doesn’t actually go anywhere, a miserable person only opens up towards hell and hell comes to him. A happy man opens up towards heaven and heaven comes to him. A blissful person opens up towards the ultimate reality, and the ultimate reality enters him.

It all depends which side you are open to. Your life starts expanding in that very direction.

This sutra says:

Inquire of the holy ones of the earth
of the secrets they hold for you.

The conquering of the desires of the outer senses
will give you the right to this.