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Chapter 7: Get Ready and Claim Your Inheritance

He rushed to the station and inquired, “Is there a train going to hell too?” And they said, “It is leaving right now, standing at the platform.” So he went on the train towards hell. And as the train entered the station of hell, he could not believe - this should have been heaven! So green, so many flowers and everybody so radiant, so joyous, so much music.as if it were some celebration day.

He inquired, “Is there some celebration going on?” They said, “No, this is our usual everyday life. Celebration is our life.” He said, “Can I ask, is Gautam Buddha here? Is Socrates here? Is Epicurus here?”

They said, “They are all here. Just look in the garden by the road - Gautam Buddha is working as a gardener. Since these people came, everything changed. Otherwise, hell used to be just like heaven, but since Gautam Buddha, Socrates, Heraclitus, Epicurus, Mahavira, these godless people came into hell, they transformed the whole situation.

“Now, hell is really heaven. The old names remained, but everything has changed and life is just a continuous dance. Everything has become a blissfulness. They have brought poetry and music and art and they have transformed the whole place.”

Seeing the situation - it was so shocking - he woke up. People had started coming; Edmund Burke was already sitting in the first row.

The archbishop must have been a sincere man at least. He said, “I have not been able to find any answer. I prayed to Jesus - I don’t know whether this dream is given by Jesus or I have dreamt it myself, but this is the only answer I can give to you.”

He simply told his dream, and he said, “Please forgive me for making a stupid statement. I want to correct it: Wherever people are who are authentically good, there is heaven. And wherever people are who are basically evil, there is hell. These are psychological, spiritual spaces.”

A buddha transforms everything.

If you’re not sure, don’t act.

Bodhidharma is saying in other words, act only out of totality. And this kind of act is possible only if your whole being is totally conscious and your action comes from your whole being, not from a small part of your being - then it cannot be total and cannot be sure. Act totally and act intensely, and act absolutely in consciousness and in spontaneity. Then whatever you do is good.

If you act in uncertainty - with a divided mind, with “either/or,” with just a small portion of your mind as conscious and the major part as unconscious - whatever you do it is wrong. It may appear good, but appearances cannot deceive.

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