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Chapter 7: No Dialogue, No Monologue - Yaa-Hoo!

I hope you will not stay longer than a few days. Already you have destroyed many books. This is not nice, and your name is Christiane. It is not even Christian!

And now I think the prayer should begin.

Herbie’s father sends him to New York to learn the undertaking business from the legendary Moishe Finkelstein. Some months later, Herbie returns and his father asks him what he has learned.

“I have learned a lot, dad,” says Herbie. “It has been very interesting, as we had one wild experience that taught me a lesson.”

“What was that, son?” asks his dad.

“Well,” says Herbie, “one day, we got a phone call from the best hotel in New York. A man and a woman had died in their sleep, completely naked.”

“My God!” says his father, “what did Mr. Finkelstein do?”

“Well,” says Herbie, “we got dressed in our best suits and drove over in the limousine. We arrived at the room very quietly and with great dignity.”

“Wow!” exclaims his father, “and then what?”

“Well,” continues Herbie, “Mr. Finkelstein pushed open the door with his gold-tipped cane, and we went quietly inside. Sure enough, there was this naked couple lying on their backs. And immediately, Mr. Finkelstein saw a problem: the man had a large erection.”

“What did you do?” asks his father.

“Well,” says Herbie, “as always, Mr. Finkelstein was ready for the situation. He swung his gold-tipped cane and very stylishly, whacked the prick!”

“And then what happened?” asks his father.

“Well, dad,” says Herbie, “then all hell broke loose! You see, we were in the wrong room!”