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Chapter 11: Man: The Call of the Eternal

And those who are not drinking urine, beware. You will suffer in hellfire! It is better to drink urine and be finished with hell. It is not so bad - in hell, who knows? And now with all the latest technology, what new tortures must they not have invented; all these people - Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong - are there, and they must have become ministers of the devil. They must be helping him to find new ways of torturing people. Forget all about the old idea of hell that you will be thrown in fire - that is five thousand years old. In five thousand years, so much water has gone down the Ganges that it is not possible that that old type of torture still exists.

One man, one Indian - he must be like Phiroze Hansotia - was living in Germany. When he died he went to hell. He was a sinner, a sinner because he never drank his urine. He never did any stupid thing, that’s why he was a sinner. He never fasted, he never tortured himself; he lived comfortably. Of course, if you live comfortably you will have to suffer, because things have to be balanced.

Sometimes I wonder. God has been living so comfortably for so long, what will happen ultimately to this poor guy? He will fall into the seventh hell or even deeper than that if there is some hell deeper than that. He will reach rock bottom.

This man who was born in India but lived in Germany was given a choice.

The devil asked him, “Because you were born in India and you lived in Germany a choice can be given to you. To what hell do you want to go - to the Indian hell or to the German one?”

The Indian was a little puzzled. He said, “What is the difference? Obviously, before I can decide I have to know the difference.”

And the devil said, “There is no difference - the same routine has to be followed.”

The Indian asked, “Then why are you asking me to choose?”

The devil laughed. He said, “There are a few minor differences. For example, the German hell is very efficient. Everybody is on duty exactly on time, the electricity never fails.” And he said, “You know, German torture is German torture! In the Indian hell nobody is ever on time, and there are so many holidays. There are even people there whom you can bribe. And after all, they are Indians - lazy, lousy. The electricity fails at least fifty times every day. Sometimes the electricity is off the whole day.”

The Indian said, “Then I will go to the Indian hell, I don’t want to go to the German one. I have lived in Germany and I know their efficiency!”

Greed and fear have dominated the religious scene for centuries, and both are absolutely irrelevant. The religious person is one who lives without fear and without greed.

You ask me: “To what end do we lead our lives?” There is no end - there is no fixed end. Life is a creativity. We live moment to moment, rejoicing in the moment. The question is asked only because we are always looking to the future: “To what end.?” We are not herenow, we are always looking to the future.

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