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Chapter 10: Existence Waits for the Right Moment

That is a strange economy. If all wars cease, America will lose all its power immediately; the dollar will fall down to the earth, because it will lose its market. It is a good conspiracy, a great partnership with the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union goes on supplying one party with its old weapons and another party, which is against that party, gets weapons from America. Both have a good market all around the world.

It seems to be unbelievable, that after the Second World War there have been nearabout three hundred wars - small wars - because big nations need them. They are their market; otherwise all their money they have invested in their arms.which have become out of date for them.

It became a strange situation when, a few days ago, America attacked Iran. It was not only foolish, it was also inhuman, because rather than attacking Iran, they attacked a jumbo jet airplane of civilians - two hundred and ninety people. And now they say that they could not recognize it. In those two hundred and ninety people, there were about fifty children, and twenty small babies, and old men and women. And nobody was interested in any war, they were traveling; just the plane belonged to Iran.

And in that fight with Iran, that lasted only two days, America had to step back for a very strange reason. The reason was that America had sold its old weapons, not to Iran directly, but to Egypt, and Egypt had sold those weapons to Iran. Those old weapons - the soldiers were absolutely acquainted with how to use them. And American soldiers were not expert with the latest computerized mechanisms - just a slightly wrong button pressed and you explode yourself. Within two days America had to back off for the strange reason that they had better instruments but those instruments need a long training..

Meanwhile the old stockpiled weapons have to be sold. Somebody, somewhere has to continue to fight. It is a strange fact of history that people think that the Soviet Union and America are enemies. They are enemies on the surface - underneath it is a partnership. Both use the market, one from one side, the other from the other side, and both are interested that fights should continue.

In Afghanistan, America was sending soldiers and arms, and the Soviet Union was sending arms and soldiers. It seems that the whole earth is just a market for a few idiots who have collected unnecessary arms.

But nobody is concerned with the real problem. With this seventy percent of energy that is wasted on arms, we can make this whole earth more alive, more long-living, more intelligent - having better facilities in every direction. Science has brought us to a moment in history where this planet can be transformed into a paradise, but rather than turning it into a paradise, all our politicians and priests are trying to turn it into a hell fire. And perhaps hell fire will not be nuclear; it will be an ordinary old-fashioned wood fire.

Up to now it was thought that India belongs to the Third World countries. Now the World Bank thinks that it is no more the case - India has admitted itself to the Fourth World. And it will go on falling down and down, because those who are in power know nothing of economics, know nothing about humanity and compassion.

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