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Chapter 9: Beginning and End

Have you seen anything like a still storm? Have you seen anything like that? When the storm is still it is not there! Mind is a storm, a turmoil. When it is still it is not there at all, all the waves have disappeared. If the waves are there the turmoil is there. So, if you still the mind, knowingly or unknowingly you will move in towards a state of no mind.

That which lies still is easy to hold( In fact there is no effort to hold it, it is so easy. To say it is easy is not good because easy also indicates a little difficulty in it, it is a category of difficulty. Difficult and easy have the same quality; they differ in degree, in quantity, but not in quality. No, it is not good to say easy, that’s why Lao Tzu says again and again that the truth cannot be said. When it is said it is no more the truth.

And he has to use language as I have to use language, and all language is irrelevant to the innermost phenomena, to the innermost experience. All language is irrelevant, remember that. Just use the language, language is used as a pointer.

I show you the moon and the sky by my finger. My finger is not the moon, it is a pointer; don’t cling to it, forget all about it. When I was showing you the finger I was not showing you the finger, I was showing you the moon. The finger is irrelevant, the same thing can be done by a stick, or something else, any pointer can do it, and the pointer has no relationship with the moon. The whole language works as a pointer. Lao Tzu has to say something which is not exactly so: That which lies still is easy to hold; but he is pointing in the right direction.

If you want to hold yourself, if you want to control yourself, if you want to become a master of your own being, if you don’t want to be a slave, and a slave of so many masters.everybody manipulating you, maneuvering you, controlling you, oppressing you, exploiting you - enemies, friends, those who are close kith and kin and those who are foes - all are maneuvering, trying to control you. If you want to be a master of yourself the only way is to still the mind, to slow down its process, to slow down its madness.

As mind is, it is running madly. Slow down the process. Persuade it to walk fast but not run. Then persuade it to walk slowly, not to walk fast. Then persuade it not to walk at all but to stand still.... By and by persuade it towards a slower process.

As mind slows you will be able to see the gaps between two thoughts - and in those gaps you will find yourself. In those intervals one thought has gone, another has not yet come. One cloud moves, another has not come coming.but between the two, in the interval, the space, you can see the blue sky. That blue sky is you. And once you have the glimpse of who you are, you slow down the mind more and more because it’s so blissful!

Activity of the mind is hell, inactivity of the mind is heaven - and complete disappearance of the mind is moksha. There is no word in English for moksha so I am using the same word. It means: beyond all dualities, heaven and hell both, where there is neither pain nor pleasure, but simply you in your absolute purity, aloneness.

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