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Chapter 25: To Enter into Your Own Presence

His argument is right. Heaven meant to be freedom. Hindus have called it “moksha - ultimate freedom.” And this is a small thing he is asking. Just a little look inside. And he went in and he was received well. He could not believe - so many beautiful people and such good architectural buildings, beautiful lawns.

He came back and told to the angels, “You can go to your heaven. I’m going to hell. I have chosen.” They said, “You will repent it. You don’t know the whole thing.” He said, “I don’t care.”

If he wants to go to hell, who can prevent? He went in and the devil caught hold of him by the neck and he said, “What are you doing? This is not right because when I had come just a few minutes before, you were so polite and you were showing me things.”

He said, “You don’t understand. That is our reception. That is not real hell. That is just a showing place for idiots like you. Many idiots we attract this way. We show them the reception place. All this lawn. All this beautiful garden, these flowers - these are all part of our reception. Now you will have to see the real hell.”

He said, “My god. I am a lazy man.” He said, “Whosoever you are, enter into the real hell.” And he said, “There are three divisions in the hell, so I will show you the divisions. You can choose according your laziness.”

In the first hell, he saw, he could not believe that he can live there for half an hour. People were tortured, thrown into fire. So many dangerous, poisonous snakes, scorpions were all around biting people and everybody was screaming. He said, “No, this is not the place for me. These scorpions and these snakes won’t let me rest a single moment and your servants are throwing people into fire. This is too much. You show me the second place.” The second place was a little better but not much. There were not scorpions and nobody was being thrown in the fire, but just as in hospitals, you must have seen traction machines - doctors have learned them from hell.

I really went into the word, into its whole history because my back was bad and they gave me traction. I said, “Who created this mechanism? This is sheer torture.” Legs are being pulled one side, hands are being pulled on other side and they go on pulling.

I looked in the Encyclopedia Britannica and they said: “This is the machine which was used by the Christians in The Middle Ages to torture people.”

It was by chance that one man who had suffered back pain his whole life got healed when he was stretched.

He came out traction, he said, “My god! My pain has disappeared.” That’s how, from Christian missionaries, it went into the hospitals. But from where the Christian missionaries must have got it? I guess there is no other place except hell.

So the man said, “This is better, but not for me. They will take my legs off, my hands off. They are stretching them so far and the people are screaming and nobody is listening to them. I would like to see the third.”

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