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Chapter 8: The Profound and the Trivial

And drop all distinctions between the holy and the unholy, sin and virtue, good and bad, God and devil. Destroy all those distinctions. Those are the traps you are caught in. Those are the traps which don’t allow you to live, don’t allow you freedom. You cannot dance: one foot is encaged in inferiority, another foot is encaged in superiority. You are chained. How can you dance? Drop all these chains.

That’s what Zen people say: “A hair’s distinction, and heaven and hell are set apart.” That’s what Tilopa says. A little distinction, a hair’s distinction, and hell and heaven are set apart, and you are caught in the duality. No distinction, and you are free. No distinction, is freedom.

The profundity of the trivial and the trivialness of the profound, that’s what I teach.

Eating is trivial if you look from the outside. If you look from the inside it is profound, it is a miracle - that you can eat bread and the bread is turned into blood, that it becomes your flesh, that it becomes your bones, that it even becomes your marrow. You eat bread, and the bread becomes your thoughts, dreams. It is a miracle. It is the profoundest thing that is happening. When you are eating, it is no ordinary thing. God is at work. It is creative. While chewing bread you are creating life, unknowingly, unconsciously. You are making a thousand and one things possible. Tomorrow you may paint: and that bread that you had eaten has become painting. Tomorrow you may sing, or right now you may do something which would not be possible if the bread was not there.

The Christian prayer is beautiful; it says, “God, give us our daily bread.” Looks very trivial! What does Jesus mean when he says, “Pray every day, ‘Give us our daily bread”‘? Couldn’t he think of anything more profound? Bread? You just change the word bread and say every day in your prayer, “Lord, give us our daily tea,” and you will see how foolish it looks. But the bread or tea or coffee - or Coca-Cola!.yes, Coca-Cola too is divine.

Everything is divine - because how can it be otherwise?

The prayer says, “Give us our daily bread.” It is raising the trivial to the profound. It is a great statement. The Hindus have always been saying, “annam brahma” - “Food is God.” Raising the trivial to the profound. Looking into the trivial so deeply that it changes into the profound.

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