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Chapter 11: Collecting Pebbles on the Seashore of Life

The Jewish God says: I’m very jealous. Don’t worship any God other than me; I’m very jealous. And if you worship any other God, I will destroy you.

Now, these words look very political, and very stupid. And to put these words into the mouth of God himself is sheer nonsense. God saying “I am very jealous”? - then God seems very human, even below human - because there have existed human beings who are not jealous. A Buddha has existed who is not jealous. Buddha seems to be in a better state of consciousness than the Jewish God. Jealous? Prohibiting his followers not to worship anybody else? - “Because I am jealous, and I will destroy you”? What the Jewish God says is simply unbelievable. He says. “If you commit something against me, for ten generations I will torture you. Not only you: ten generations of your children will be tortured. And if you worship me, for a hundred generations the rewards will be coming to you.”

Now, what type of God is this? And your child has not done anything. You commit some crime, you disobey God, and for generations your children will suffer, and for a hundred generations your children will get the reward if you have done something good. And “something good” means, in Jewish terms: if you have obeyed the omnipotent God. If you disobey it is sin; if you obey it is virtue.

There seems to be no real value. God may be saying something absurd, but if you obey it is virtue, if you disobey it is sin. And this threat, that “For ten generations I will take revenge,” and this bribery, that “For one hundred generations I will reward” - look at what type of mind has worked out this concept of God. It cannot be very divine. It is not divine at all. It is, in fact, sub-human.

Buddha says: There is no God. Don’t be afraid. To make man fearless, Buddha says there is no God. And to make man an explorer of truth, he says there is no need for any belief. Belief is not a requirement: it is an obstacle. Be open. Explore. Doubt, think, meditate, experiment; and when a mind comes to experience truth without any belief, the mind itself becomes true - because then there is a communion between truth and the mind.

Be fearless. There is no need for anybody to dominate you; freedom is the very substratum.

First he drops outer beliefs: in God, in hell, in heaven - because your hell and heaven are just your projections. If you knew about different hells and heavens you would understand. The Tibetan’s hell does not have fire in it, because the Tibetan’s hell has to have more cold, more ice. They know - they suffer from cold, so hell has no fire at all. Of course, the Hindu’s hell has fire; they suffer from heat. The Hindu’s concept of heaven is almost of an air-conditioned heaven. The sun is never hot, and cool breezes are always blowing, and shady trees, and the flowers are like diamonds.and everything is cool. Of course, a hot country - suffering for centuries from heat - dreams.

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