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Chapter 2: The Unknown Is Calling

You must have seen how sweet the babbling of a small child is when it begins making sounds for the first time. Later, when it starts to speak correctly, perhaps no one will pay any attention. The child doesn’t yet say anything clearly, but this babbling is so sweet that the mother is delighted and calls everyone around to hear. But once the child starts speaking, no one is interested.

In the beginning prayer is like a babbling. And remember, only a prayer that is a babbling reaches to the divine. But it needs to be from the heart, spontaneous and your own.

Whom shall I befriend today?

Dark clouds billowing in the sky,
Imagination dances as a peacock,
Feelings draw me within.
Tell me, with whom shall I flow?

Today a thirst is on my lips,
The heart sitting, silent, sad,
On the breath an agitated sigh -
Shall I remain in pain on the verge of death?

The language of the eyes is unknown -
My song is flying like a bird,
A great dilemma is in my heart.
Shall I endure the remorse of helplessness?

In this impatient evening hour,
A gentle breeze is dancing and turning.
A suffocating pain rises -
Whom to tell of this writhing agony?

Whom shall I befriend today?
Tell me, with whom shall I flow?

Prayer is an offering, like this. Love is like talking to the sky.there is no answer from the other side. This is why the prayer of someone who waits for an answer will soon cease. Don’t keep waiting for an answer, keep on making your offering. Don’t be concerned whether the divine answers or not, whether your call reaches it or not - don’t be concerned about all this. Don’t even try to use your prayer to change the divine. Just be concerned with whether your prayer is going deeper and deeper: Is my prayer saturated with my tears, saturated with my bliss? Is the mark of my smile on my prayer? Is the signature of my soul on my prayer? Just be concerned with this.

One day, suddenly, your prayer reaches the divine. Your babbling has been heard. And in that very moment, in your temple of silence, that child is born. That innocent consciousness has entered. The white dove has descended - the first glimpse of enlightenment has come. It will come, it will certainly come.

Jesus has said: What has happened to me can happen to you. I say the same to you: What has happened to me can happen to you. What has happened to one man is everyone’s birthright.

Enough for today.