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Chapter 2: Service with a Smile

So it is a very cunning game. The rich man goes on donating a small portion of his exploitation to the church. The church goes on bringing up the orphans, aboriginals, poor people, to the survival level. They are needed alive, because without them the whole system will collapse.

So on the one hand, the capitalist goes on giving money in charity; on the other hand, he goes on exploiting the poor. And between the two, the priest has his own percentage - he is a mediator - so he is living beautifully. Millions of missionaries are there around the world, but they are serving the exploiters in the name of service.

I don’t want to be in this vicious game. I want poverty to be completely removed. There should be no person who needs service.

A society that needs service is sick. But its prejudice about service has prevented it from hearing me.

I am reminded of a case in Jesus’ life. Most probably it is simply mythology. Not most probably - it is certainly mythology.

Jesus brings Lazarus back from death. Now, the question is: is Lazarus going to live forever? He will die again - so Jesus has given him two deaths instead of one. The arithmetic is absolutely clear. He will suffer poverty, and one day he will die again.

But I don’t think this happened, because if it were true, why could Jesus not perform any miracle on the cross?

On the cross he became angry with God. He shouted, “Have you forsaken me?” He felt utterly helpless. This man who used to raise the dead, who used to walk on water, could not fly with the cross? It is absolutely inconsistent. With the man’s miracles, he could not manage any miracle on the cross?

And that was the place where he was expected.. Then the Jews would have accepted him as their last prophet. He was put on the cross as a test, that “If you are really the son of God, now let us see. If you really walk on water, if you really raise the dead to life again, then we will put you on the cross and see what miracles you can do, or God can do on your behalf.”

Nothing happened. He shouted at the clouds; there was no God. But what is the need of God if a man walks on water, feeds people - thousands of people - with one loaf of bread, wakes up the dead? There was no need to call for God. He could have flown away with the cross, and that would have proved absolutely without doubt to the Jews that he was their last prophet, he was the only begotten son of God. His helplessness on the cross shows that all the stories of miracles are simply invented - because no contemporary source even mentions Jesus’ name.

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