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Chapter 3: We Are the Pilgrims of the Unknowable

Knowledge cannot bring tears. Tears are indicating something very deeply significant, that you have touched something which can only be expressed by tears or laughter or dancing - which are all irrational. You cannot explain them rationally!

I gave Shunyo a small antique Rolex watch for Veeresh. I told her, “Find him and give it to him.”

She came running back to me saying, “Veeresh is really crazy. When I gave him the watch, he simply started crying and dancing. I could not believe it! He did not say anything, he is simply dancing outside!”

And because she was searching for him, she told Anando also to look for him. After Shunyo had given the watch to Veeresh, Anando found him and she could not believe either - “What has happened?” Just tears and laughter together, and he was dancing, jumping. She brought him close to my room, to inform Shunyo.

And Anando said, “It is strange.What has happened to him?”

Shunyo said, “It is nothing, just that Osho has given a watch to him.”

It is irrational, but a man who knows only reason knows only a desert of a life. He does not know the roses. He does not know the beautiful sounds of the birds, which don’t mean anything - they are irrational. In fact, even to call them songs is not quite right. The birds are just making sounds for no reason at all, just out of tremendous gratefulness to this beautiful morning, to the sun, to the trees; just for another day to breathe in, to fly in the sky, to love, to sing and dance. They are making sounds because they don’t know how to thank the universe in any other way.

When you also come to experience something of the heart, you will find a tremendous desire to cry. That crying is not out of sadness. Those tears are more valuable than any pulse. Those tears are still warm, those tears are still alive, and those tears are saying that you have touched something beyond words, beyond mind. They are of immense joy and gratefulness, sensitivity and helplessness - helplessness because you cannot express what you are experiencing in words.

In fact anything that is great in life has no reason.

Once Picasso was painting by the side of a rosebush and a man was standing there watching for almost an hour. Finally he could not resist the temptation and said to Picasso, “Excuse me, sir, but I cannot see any reason for what you are painting. I have looked at it from every side.I can’t even figure out what it is!”

Picasso looked at him and said, “Just look at the roses. Go to them and try to find out why they are there. I am so much harassed and nobody asks the birds, nobody asks the peacock, ‘Why this beautiful tail, with so many beautiful colors?’ Nobody asks the cuckoo - the sound is so sweet, almost incomparably sweet - nobody asks the trees, ‘Why are you green?’ And every idiot comes to me to ask, ‘What are you doing, what is the meaning of it?’ Go to God and ask him, ‘What is the meaning of this whole universe?’ I am a small creator, he is a big creator.Just go - perhaps he knows the reason.”

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