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Chapter 7: First Have Your Cup of Tea

.Fifteenth: When Henry Ford was asked for the recipe for a long and happy marriage, he replied: “Always stick to the same model.”

Sixteenth: A man who can smile when things go wrong has probably just thought of someone to blame it on.

.Seventeenth: Inscription on the tombstone of a notorious hypochondriac: “See!”

.Eighteenth: A pessimist is a man who thinks all women are bad. An optimist is one who hopes they are.

.Nineteenth: The definition of alimony: “The screwing you get for the screwing you got.”

.Twentieth: The ten best years of a woman’s life are between thirty-five and thirty-six.

What is this generation gap? I hear so much about it these days.

Two old men of eighty were sitting in their club when one said, “Do you think there is as much love, as much fun going on as there used to be?”

“Yes, certainly,” said the other, “but there is a whole new bunch doing it.”

That’s what the generation gap is.

A large crowd had been waiting quietly at the foot of a mountain. Moses had been gone for hours. Suddenly his white robe was seen fluttering in the breeze, and now the lawgiver stood before his flock: “People of Israel! I have been with the Lord for seven hours and I now have some good news, and some bad news..”

“Speak, O Moses!” shouted the crowd.

“The good news,” says Moses, “is that I have managed to bring the number of commandments down to ten!”

The people cheered. Then they cried, “Moses, what is the bad news?”

Moses sadly replied, “Adultery is still in.”

For the new generation it is no longer in. That’s the generation gap. Now the whole meaning of adultery has changed: it simply means to be adult.

There has never been any generation gap in the past. Hence, one has to look deeply into it because this is the first time in the whole history of man that even the expression “generation gap” has been used. And the gap is growing bigger and bigger every day. Things seem to be unbridgeable.

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