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Chapter 21: The Most Blissful Moment - When You Cannot Find Yourself

Just try the other way: see me just as a small corner in you. Give it to me, see me there, and in it see Chuang Tzu, see Gautam Buddha, see Socrates. See all the flowers that humanity has produced, and you will become a totally new person. Just seeing me, and in me bringing all those who can somehow be connected with me, you will be surrounded by the very salt of the earth, by all that is glorious. And you will disappear in it: you will not be able to find yourself, find where you have gone.

You will meet Socrates, you will meet Pythagoras, you will meet Heraclitus, you will meet strange but beautiful beings - Bodhidharma or Diogenes or Dionysius - but you will not find yourself. In fact, yourself does not exist. The meeting of all these people within you will make you a paradise.

So please just give it a little turn: rather than seeing yourself in me - if you can do that, why can’t you do this, it is the same - see me in you. I am not asking for your whole being, because I want you to leave it for other guests. Just give me a little corner, just a contact center from where buddhas can enter in you.

But we are so accustomed to misery that we can do anything to be miserable. We have forgotten the language of blissfulness, so to make even a small effort seems to be very arduous. I am asking you to do the same - just give it a little turn. It will be far easier, and the reward is going to be enormous. You will be lost, and you will never be found. And that is the most blissful moment - when you cannot find yourself, and there is just utter silence.