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Chapter 4: Session 4

I feel a great relief because I am finished with Jaydeva forever. But there is a queue standing at the door. You don’t know what a fix I am in. I had not thought of it before, because I am not a thinker and I never think before I jump. I jump, and then I think. It was just by the way that I mentioned ten beautiful books. I was not thinking so many others would start bugging me. So, ten more.

First: The Fragments of Heraclitus. I love this man. Let me mention it, just by the way, as a note in the margin, that I love all but I don’t like all. I like a few and I don’t like a few, but I love all. About that there is no question. I love Jaydeva as much as I love Heraclitus, but Heraclitus I like too.

There are very few whom I can put in the same category as Heraclitus. In fact, even to say that is not true; there is no one. Now I am saying what I really wanted to say always. There is no one, I repeat, who can be put in the same category as Heraclitus. He is just far out - dangerously awakened, unafraid of the consequences of what he was saying.

He says in these Fragments - again the notes of a Devageet, a disciple.. Heraclitus did not write. There must be something, some reason why these people do not write, but of that a little later. Heraclitus says in the Fragments, “You cannot step in the same river twice.” And then he says: “No, you cannot step in the same river even once..” This is tremendously beautiful, and true too.

Everything is changing, and changing so fast that there is no way to step in the same river twice; you can’t even step in the same river once. The river is constantly flowing; going, going, going to the ocean, to the infinite, going to disappear into the unknown.

This is the first on my list this evening: Heraclitus.

Second: The Golden Verses of Pythagoras. He was one of the most misunderstood men, obviously. If you know, you are bound to be misunderstood, that is certain. To understand is so dangerous, because then you will be misunderstood. Pythagoras was not understood even by his own disciples, not even by those who wrote down the Golden Verses. They wrote it mechanically.because not a single disciple of Pythagoras rose to his heights, not a single one became enlightened. And the Greeks have completely ignored him. They have ignored their best: Heraclitus, Socrates, Pythagoras, Plotinus. They had wanted to ignore Socrates too, but he was too much. So they had to poison him, they could not just ignore him.

But Pythagoras is completely ignored, and he has the same key as Gautam Buddha, Jesus, or any other enlightened one. One thing more: neither Jesus nor Buddha nor Lao Tzu made so much effort to find the key as Pythagoras. He worked the most. Pythagoras was the most authentic seeker. He risked all and everything. He traveled all around the world that was known in those days, studied under all kinds of masters, entered into all kinds of mystery schools and fulfilled their conditions. He is a category in himself.

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