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Chapter 29: Methods for the Dropping of Mind

Tantra denies divisions and Tantra says that the whole is whole. The part that we know is the world, the part that is hidden is the divine, or God, or whatsoever you name it - but the hidden is just here and now. You are not aware of it, but it is here and now. It is already. For you it will be in the future, but in the existence it is here and now. You may have to travel to it; you may have to attain a no-mind attitude of looking at things - then it will be revealed. You are just standing and the morning sun is rising, but you are standing with closed eyes. The morning is here and now, but for you it is not here and now. When you will open your eyes, only then will it become a fact for you.

In the existence the morning exists, but not for you. You are closed to it, it is hidden for you. For you there is only darkness and the light is hidden. But if you open your eyes, any moment the morning will become a fact to you. It was already a fact, only you were blind.

Tantra says that the world is already the divine, but you are blind. So whatsoever you know in your blindness is to be called the world, and whatsoever is hidden because of your blindness is the divine. This is one of the basic tenets - that this sansara is the moksha, this very world is divine, this very world is the ultimate. The immediate and the ultimate are not two, but one. The here and there are not two, but one. Because of this insistence, many things become possible for Tantra. One: Tantra can accept everything, and the deep acceptance relaxes you completely. Nothing else can relax you.

If there is no division between this world and that, if the transcendental is imminent here and now, if matter is just the body of the divine, then nothing is denied, nothing is condemned and you need not be tense. Even if it may take ages for you to come to realize the divine, there is no hurry for Tantra. It is already there, and time is not lacking. It is eternally here; whenever you will open your eyes you will find it. And whatsoever you are already getting is the hidden divine.

So the Christian attitude of condemnation, of sin, or other such religious attitudes, is totally a lie to Tantra - and absurd, because if you condemn something you also become divided inwardly. You cannot divide things only outwardly. If you divide, you also will be divided in parallel. If you say that this world is wrong, then your body will become wrong because your body is part of this world.

If you say that this world is something which is a hindrance to reaching the ultimate, then your whole life will be condemned and you will feel guilty. Then you cannot enjoy, then you cannot live, then you cannot laugh. Then seriousness will become your face. You can be only serious; you cannot be non-serious, you cannot be playful.

That has happened to all the minds all over the world. They become dead, serious. Through seriousness they become dead because they cannot accept life as it is. They deny it, and they feel that unless they deny they cannot reach the other world.

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