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Chapter 10: Saying Yes to Life

A young man once came to a venerable master and asked, “How long will it take to reach enlightenment?”

The master said, “Ten years.”

The young man blurted, “So long?”

The master said, “No, I was mistaken. It will take twenty years.”

The young man asked, “Why do you keep adding to it?”

And the master answered, “Come to think of it, in your case it will probably be thirty!”

There are no shortcuts. And if you are impatient you will never find. Patience is the only way, and if you are absolutely patient you can find right now. This is the ultimate paradox of religious inquiry, of the search for truth, for God, for nirvana: if you are impatient you will have to wait for eternity. That venerable master must have been a very polite man; he said only thirty years. But to tell you the truth, if you are impatient you will have to wait forever and forever. If you are patient, totally patient, then it is possible even now - this very moment, here and now!

Don’t ask for any shortcut. There has never been any shortcut; there cannot be any shortcut to truth. You cannot have it cheap. And patience means love because only love can be patient. Love can wait - love knows how to wait. It can wait forever, and because it can wait forever it becomes capable of receiving the gift right now.

Two students were talking to each other. One of them bragged about all the women he got to go to bed with him.

“How do you get so many women do to it? What is your secret?” asked the other student.

“Well, this is how I do it. All I do is paint a white circle on my dashboard. The girl will usually ask about it. Then we’ll start talking. I’ll start referring to the color white and all the things associated with it - virginity, purity, chastity. Then the conversation will expand. We’ll talk about the purity of the saints and Tantra Yoga, et cetera. It all depends on how good you can talk. Just use the white circle and go on from there. You shouldn’t have too much trouble getting them to do it.”

The friend followed his advice and painted a white circle on his dashboard, then went and picked up his date. When she got into the car she noticed the white circle on the dashboard.

“That’s really an interesting circle on your dashboard,” she said.

“It sure, is,” he replied. “Would you like to screw?”

Enough for today.