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Chapter 13: Just Ordinary Friday

It is a possibility. Except Gurdjieff, nobody has even raised the question. But a man like Gurdjieff has a clarity and intensity of seeing. He says, there is no mention of Jesus in any Jewish scripture. A man like Jesus - whom Jews could not tolerate alive, whom they had to crucify - is not even mentioned in any scripture, in any book. Jews don’t think that there has ever been any such person as Jesus. It was an old Jewish drama that a few people started taking seriously, and now on that fictitious drama, half of humanity has become Christian. Now if you go on digging deep, you will find simply a film story.

But there are many people who will waste their whole life looking towards the past. And in the same way your question, Dhyandeep, is about the future. “What will happen in the year 2017?”

I am not a prophet and I don’t think there has ever been anybody who was a prophet, except frauds. In fact, it is very easy to say what will happen in 2017 or 13, or any year, when I will not be there to answer if it does not happen.

Who cares? What can you do if it doesn’t happen? Nobody will bother that somebody has said something which has not happened. Or if it happens, then you will be too much involved in it. Who cares that fifty years before, somebody has said that it is going to happen?

As far as you are concerned, if you can learn to live here and now that is the most significant religious way of living. Silent and peaceful, joyful - if you can start living like the flowers and the birds, then if the whole world starts living in the same way perhaps nuclear weapons and nuclear wars will not happen.

People who live peacefully here and now are not going to be involved in any kind of war, in any kind of destructiveness. The people of herenow are bound to be creative and loving. They will not be Christians and they will not be Hindus and they will not be Catholics and they will not be communists. They will not belong to any denomination, any nation, any race.

They will belong only to this moment.

And they will rejoice so much in this moment that the whole existence will become a celebration, moment-to-moment celebration - a dance, a music, a poetry, a love affair.

But if you do not live here and now - and that’s what you are asking for, that “We are trying to live in the here and now, but nevertheless.” There is no question of, “but nevertheless we are sometimes thinking of the future.”

Why? What is the necessity of going on a holiday into the future? People think about the future only because the present is miserable. Then they think not only of this life and its future, they even think about what will happen after death.

I have been traveling for thirty years and I have come across thousands of people who ask, “What will happen after death?”

I have said, “Just die and see! It is not my problem, I am perfectly at ease. When I die, I will see what happens. But why should I die for you? And what is the guarantee that if I die, I will remember to tell you?”

At least up to now, nobody has remembered to give a phone call or just a telex saying that, “Don’t be worried, everything is good. God is still alive.”

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