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Chapter 2: Service with a Smile


Be silent.

Close your eyes.and feel your body to be completely frozen.

This is the right moment to look inwards with your whole life energy, with your total consciousness, and with an urgency as if this is going to be your last moment on the earth.

Faster and faster.

The closer you come to your center, the closer you are to yourself, the closer you are to the godliness of existence, the closer you are to your original face, the buddha - centered.

You are the most blessed people on the earth this moment. A great silence descends over you. A deep peace arises within, and flowers start showering like rain.

You have found your nature, your buddha - your door to the cosmos.

Remember only one thing, the only thing that makes the buddha, and that is witnessing.

Witness.you are not the body.

Witness.you are not the mind.

Witness.you are not the seven subtle bodies inside you. You are only a witness, purely an awareness.

This awareness will bring you the transformation, the truth, the beauty - all the splendor of existence.

I can see your original faces.

I can see you are here and now.

Just keep this status around the clock.

Whenever you remember, be here and now.

Sometimes you will forget. Don’t repent, don’t waste time in repentance. When you remember again, start being here and now.

When you are twenty-four hours here and now, you will be enlightened, you will be the buddha - not only for a few moments, but for eternity.




But remember to continue witnessing.

This witnessing is the secret, the most golden key, the master key that opens all the doors of the mysteries and the secrets of existence.