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Chapter 13: Just Ordinary Friday

We are trying to live in the here and now - especially if we are in Pune. But nevertheless we sometimes think of the future.
I ask myself, if nobody else hears your voice except us, what will happen in the year 2017? What more can we do so that you will be heard and the bad vision of the year 2017 that I have will not happen?

The first thing to remember is: do not take anything seriously. What happens in 2017 is not your concern. One thing is certain: you will not be there. So who cares? Particularly herenow in Pune! If by chance you are still alive - which is very much an impossibility - still you will be living in the herenow. The years change, the centuries change, but life is always here and now.

Wasting it in thinking about the past.and there are many who do that. Just on my way here, Shunyo was saying, “Today is Friday.” I don’t know, because what concern have I to remember which day it is, or which year, or which century? I am herenow.

Her question was that “This is Friday; Jesus was crucified on this day. Why is it called Good Friday?” As if, it seems, I have crucified Jesus! I am not answerable at all. Naturally, the people who had crucified Jesus must have celebrated. That was their goodbye to Jesus - “We are finished with this guy who has been torturing us for so long.” It is not a good thing, but it is not in my hands.

If it had been in my hands, Jesus needed psychiatric treatment. A good body stretch until he had forgotten to say that “I am the only begotten son of God.” Then it would certainly have been Good Friday because then there would have been no Christianity. It is the crucifixion which started the greatest criminal religion on the earth, Christianity.

But the Jews were not so sophisticated that they could have tolerated a young man, only thirty-three years of age, trotting on his donkey here and there. Never went out of that small place, Judea. And he had a few followers - every idiot can collect a dozen followers, and he had exactly one dozen followers.

Those twelve idiots became twelve apostles, and they followed him because they had no other business. They were not educated; not a single one of them was cultured, educated, a rabbi, a learned man. None of them had any knowledge of the scriptures. And on their own, they knew one thing for certain, that they could not enter into paradise. They didn’t have any qualifications. And this guy sitting on the donkey says, “If you believe in me, I will take you into paradise.”

All those fools must have thought, “This is the simplest way. Rather than becoming a rabbi, a great learned scholar, virtuous, a saint, disciplining, torturing yourself.then, too, there is no certainty, no guarantee. Nobody is saying to you that ‘I am responsible.’ At least this guy says, ‘I am taking you. Just believe in me.’ And he is not asking anything, not even any entry fee.” And who would not like to see the scene without a ticket?

There were moments of doubt in their minds also, that God’s son should not sit on a donkey. And they all knew that he was a carpenter’s son, but what to do? He does not listen at all.

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