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Chapter 3: The Paradise of Yourself

Just now, one Mohammedan has written a book about the holy Koran. It has been banned by Rajiv Gandhi - and he has not read it - because the Mohammedan pressure in India is of immense importance. They vote in a solid block and they are second to Hindus - they create fear. They asked that the book should be banned. It is being banned in many countries which are Mohammedan.

Ayatolla Khomeini came on the radio in Iran and declared that wherever this man is, he has to be immediately killed, murdered - not only the person who has written the book, but the person who has published it, and the person who has printed it, and the person who has the sole agency to sell it. All four have to be butchered wherever they are. And it is the duty of every Mohammedan to finish them off as quickly as possible and burn all the copies of the book. Not a single copy should remain anywhere in existence. And that man has done an immense job of analysis.

This you call a world which is democratic?

This you call a world where there is freedom of speech?

These priests are the source, the immediate source. In the name of God they have made your minds judgmental. Without understanding anything, you are carrying judgments in your mind.

The moment you see something, immediately a judgment arises. You don’t have to make the judgment it has become almost automatic. You see a rose and suddenly you watch a judgment arising: “This is beautiful.” But the moment you say, “This is beautiful,” the judgment is hiding the rose. The judgment is coming from past experiences of roses. But this is a new rose, you have never met it before, it has never before been on the earth. For the first and last time it has come into expression. You may have seen roses, but this one is not the same. All your judgments about other roses are figments of your memory.

The robotlike arises in you: “This is beautiful” - not that you have understood its beauty, not that you are existentially in direct contact with its beauty, not that your eyes are absolutely pure and rejoicing the beauty of the rose.

The judgment comes and you destroy the rose.

The judgment stands between you and the rose, and you are lost into past memories of roses that you have seen before. But this is not one that you have ever come across.

Any judgment is past oriented, and existence is always herenow, life is always herenow. All judgments are coming from your past experiences, your education, your religion, your parents - which may be dead, but their judgments are being carried by your mind and they will be given as a heritage to your children. Generation after generation, every disease is being transferred as a heritage.

Only a non-judgmental mind has intelligence, because it is spontaneously responding to reality.

I want you to drop God.

I want you to drop your scriptures.

I want you to drop your parents.

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