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Chapter 3: Love Is a Resurrection

The present is not between the past and the future: the present is beyond past and future. The present is eternity. The present is not even part of time! And it is not that the time passes: we pass, time remains; we come and go, time remains. It is not that the moment that was here just a moment before has become past, no. It is a single moment, utterly one. It is eternity. It is not passing, it is not going anywhere.

Have you not observed some time, sitting in a train, waiting on a station, and your train starts moving and you feel the other train has started moving which is just on the other track? Or, the other train starts moving and you feel your train has started moving, and then you look closely and you find that, no, your train is not moving, the other train is moving.

Time remains there - we go on moving, we change. The ocean of time is there - the fish goes on moving. The movement is in our minds. Mind is movement. Truth is unmoving; it is always the same.

Just see: when you were born.have you changed since then? Yes, on one level you have changed, certainly - your body has grown, you are young or old, and so many things you have lived through, and experiences, and frustrations, and excitements, and ecstasies, and all that life gives.. But go deep down: have you really changed on that plane? at the very core of your being? Are you not the same? There nothing has changed. It is where you were, and it is where you will ever be - it is always the same there, it is one climate.

On the surface things go on changing. The wheel of the cart goes on moving, but it moves on something which remains unmoving: the axle. You are both the circumference and the axle, the center. Even the cyclone is not there at the center - there is silence. Nothing ever moves there.

That is your being! What name you give to it matters not. That center of the cyclone.that center of the cyclone is herenow; it is not part of time. It is eternity.

You ask me: “What is herenow?”

Feel it! Experience it! That’s what we are doing here! What is meditation? - getting into here.now. What is love? - getting into herenow. What is celebration? - getting into herenow. But no definition is possible.

Getting-into is possible, because in fact you have never got out of it. It is there! You can again turn and face it.

While making love to a woman or to a man, have you not felt the herenow? If you have not felt it then you have not loved. Making love to a woman, have you not forgotten the past? has not the past utterly disappeared in that moment? In that moment do you have a past, a history, an autobiography? If you have, then you don’t know how to love. Then you have been just playing the game of love not knowing exactly what it is - you have not loved.

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