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Chapter 6: Happiness Is That Which Happens

The ego is a false entity, just a notion, a cloud in the sky of your being; just smoke, nothing substantial; a dream. Love requires you to drop that which you don’t have, and love is ready to give you that which you have and have always had. Love gives you your self back; the ego goes on hiding you from your self, love reveals you to your self. But the fear is there. The fear is natural, and one has to go in spite of the fear.

Be courageous, don’t be cowards. The real mettle of your being is tested only when love arises. Never before it do you know of what mettle you are made. In ordinary life, in the marketplace, doing this and that, in the world of ambition and power politics, your real mettle is never really tested. You never pass through the fire.

Love is the fire.

If you are really gold you will survive it. If you are not real gold, you will be gone. But I tell you that you are real gold.

Trust me - pass through the fire. Hesitation is natural, but don’t make hesitation a barrier. Even with the hesitation, pass through it. In spite of the fear pass through the fire. And only through the fire will the rose of your consciousness flower. There is no other way.

The third question:

It seems that nothing ever really drops away. Suddenly it is gone, but just as suddenly it is back again. It all seems like a magic trick.

.A very meaningful question, with tremendous implications for understanding. Let us move into it very slowly.

Yes, this is so: nothing ever really drops away. Nothing ever really drops away; suddenly it is gone, and as suddenly as it left, in the same way, at any moment, suddenly it is back again. Why is it so? - because you have never tried to understand the nature of human consciousness. The nature of human consciousness is absolute freedom. When I say absolute freedom, I mean you are free at any moment to be whatsoever you decide. Nothing holds itself against you. You may have been a saint up to now. You may have lived in celibacy up to now. This very moment you can change: you can throw away your celibacy, you can fall in love with a woman or a man. Because you have been celibate in the past does not, cannot become a bondage. You remain free. If you want to be celibate in this moment also, you can be. But remember that it is not because of the past, it is again a fresh decision. You have to go on making your decision again and again and again, reviving it again and again and again. At any moment you can drop it.

Existentialists are true. They say: existence precedes essence. It is a very pregnant sentence. Let me repeat it: existence precedes essence.

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