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Chapter 9: Silently Blissful, Blissfully Silent

“The next thing I knew, I was inside the beard of a hippie who drove straight through non-stop in the bitter cold!”

This reminds me of Almasto and her questions - she is back again to her questions.

“Osho, why do they sell so many lightbulbs in Iran?”

Because they always try to fit them in with a hammer. This is called the Islamic revolution!

“How many Tibetans does it take to fit in a lightbulb?”

None. They have not heard of lightbulbs yet in Tibet.

“How many Chinese does it take to screw in a lightbulb?”

None. You are not allowed to screw in China these days.

“Why does it take a Russian so long to screw in a lightbulb?”

Because first he has to have a five-year plan.

“Why was the Polack Pope horrified when taking up his office in the Vatican for the first time?”

Almasto, he saw a lightbulb lying in a wastepaper basket next to his desk and he was horrified - he thought it was a contraceptive.

And the last.and then you take the dive in the cold waters of the Mandukya Upanishad. It is cold for you, not for me. As a proof you can see - my fan is still on!

A Brahmin priest was cycling down a country lane. He rounded a bend and was surprised to find a little boy screwing a rabbit. The priest, without hesitation, jumped off his bicycle, grabbed the boy by the hair and gave him a good talking to. He was really furious and asked the boy, “What are you doing?”

The boy said:

Purnat purnamudachyate
Purnasya purnamadaya
Purnameva vashisyate.”

This was really too much! The priest gave the boy a good beating, got back on his bicycle and went on. A few miles further up the road he spied an old man atop a grassy verge screwing a goat. The priest was utterly shocked and he stormed over to the old man.

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