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Chapter 4: Understand Desire

Understand it like a lake on a full-moon night. In the sky is a lovely moon, a very beautiful spectacle, but if the lake is rippling then no reflection of the moon forms on the lake, it is broken up and scattered, scattered as soon as it is made. Bits of the moon are spread all over the lake. Moonlight spreads on the lake, but the reflection of the moon cannot form. Then the lake becomes calm, now the winds are not blowing, there is stillness; the lake has become absorbed in meditation, the lake has entered samadhi - now the reflection of the moon forms. Now the moon settles in the lake.

The experience happens this same way. God is present all around us. It is always the full moon because God is not absent for a single moment. The full moon is out, only there are waves on the lake of your mind so the reflection of God cannot occur within you, you are not able to hold it within you. He cannot enter into your womb. He is broken up, scattered here and there. Broken up like droplets of mercury: the more you try to grasp it the more difficult it becomes.

The state of feeling implies that the mind is clear, calm, that the waves of desire are no longer flowing. Now there is nothing to attain, nothing to become. Go on sitting quietly, silently.. In this state of relaxation, that which is present immediately begins to be reflected within. Then the moon is not only outside, the moon has come inside also. Then drink your fill “.drink its purified water.”

Here it is present, here it is hidden,
Here are the three worlds.
Here explore your emptiness.
Countless seekers have awakened in this way.

Gorakh says: Innumerable seekers have attained to fulfillment in this way, have reached the highest union in this way. Which way? “Here it is present, here it is hidden.” that which you are seeking is hidden here. But where are you going.?

Here it is present, here it is hidden.

That which you are seeking for, traveling so far away for - to Kashi and to Kailash, into the Koran and into the Puranas - and that which you are worshipping in stone idols and searching for in words, it is absolutely present here right now in your very breath, right before your eyes. Wherever you turn your eyes it is this that is present. “Here it is present, here it is hidden..” It is present right here, it is hidden right here. And hidden does not mean that it is trying to hide from you. It is hidden, it has vanished, because a veil of thoughts is covering your eyes. You are so filled with your thoughts, where is the space in which to see it? You are in a constantly wavering state.

.Here are the three worlds.

What do you mean when you say that the three worlds are somewhere in the future? The three worlds are right here! Hell is right here, earth is right here, heaven is right here. It is all a matter of your vision. As soon as your vision changes, the world changes.

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