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Chapter 17: The Deathless One

There is a body of electricity hidden within the physical body, and now science has proved it. It is this electricity body which moves the physical body. A great experiment was done in Russia by a scientist and photographer who has developed a new kind of photography known as Kirlian photography. He took photographs of the energy-bodies of people, of animals and plants. Just as an X-ray takes pictures of your bones, in the same way, Kirlian has developed the method which takes pictures of the energy-body. And when this energy-body finds a route into the one hundred-and-first energy-channel, the flow of that energy creates an aura around the head of that person.

You must have seen the auras shown in pictures around the heads of Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira and Christ: this aura cannot be seen by the physical eyes. But when the life-energy enters the one hundred-and-first energy-channel, which yoga calls the sushumna nadi, an aura of electricity is formed all around the head. Every living being has this aura, but it is visible only to those who have entered into meditation. As one becomes more and more silent, one is able to see other people’s auras. Every living being has an aura around him and this aura shows the inner state of the person.

Kirlian says that a disease will enter this electrical body before moving into the physical body, and it takes six months for this to happen. For example, if you are going to become ill with tuberculosis, then first your energy-body will be sick and then after six months your physical body will be affected. The journey from the energy-body to the physical body takes six months. Kirlian says that when this bio-electricity can be photographed a person can be treated even before he becomes ill.

This is one of the greatest discoveries of the modern age. It is more difficult to make a person healthy again after he has already become sick; but now, before the physical body becomes sick it can be treated. And the person is not even aware that he is going to get sick in six months’ time. But the energy-body starts showing the signs: it becomes dull, its energy becomes low, just like a light bulb becomes dim and pale when the current of electricity drops.

When a man is healthy the electricity of his body radiates; it is vibrating with its full force. But when he is about to get ill his energy diminishes, the flow of electricity in the body becomes less, and after six months the physical body will be affected by this. But if you can know about it beforehand you can be treated before you get ill. Before the patient knows he is sick he will be free of it.

In Russia there has been much research in the last twenty-five years. When a bud blossoms into a flower its hidden energy-body has already flowered many hours before. The eyes cannot see that blossoming energy-body but Kirlian can take photos of it because he has invented a very sensitive film. The physical body of the bud blossoms into a flower many hours after its energy-body has blossomed. When Kirlian takes a photo of a rosebud, it shows the blossomed energy-body of the rose flower. Later on, when the bud blossoms into a flower, it will be exactly the same as the photo of the blossomed energy-body of the flower.

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