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Chapter 1: Ambition

I will ask from you only that which you have. And I will ask for that which everyone has. Just as I said that everyone’s search is for bliss, in the same way there is one kind of wealth that everyone has - and that is their suffering. You have plenty of that, you have more than you need. For many lives you have not collected anything else; you have collected piles of it! Even Mount Everest will seem small compared to the piles of troubles that you have collected; your problems are so big that even Mount Everest will feel embarrassed in front of them! And perhaps even Hillary and Tensing would not be able to climb the mountains of your sufferings - they are so big. They are your efforts from many lives; you have not earned anything apart from your suffering. Even now, you are earning it.

I would like you to let go of your suffering, to renounce your suffering. Nobody ever asks for your suffering - but I do. And if you can give up your suffering then the path to happiness can be opened up. If you can manage to let go of your suffering you will come to realize that what you thought was suffering was nothing but an illusion; that suffering was not holding onto you - you were holding onto it. But you will only come to know who was holding on and who was being held when you let go.

You are always asking how you can get rid of suffering. From your questions it appears as if suffering has got a hold on you and you want to be released from it. If suffering is holding onto you, you cannot possibly become free from it because the grip is not in your hands but in the hands of suffering. Then you are helpless. And if after so many lives you still haven’t managed to become free, how can you suddenly become free now?

I say to you that suffering is not holding onto you, you are holding onto suffering. And if you can agree to look into what I am saying, you will come to understand it for yourself. Not only will you come to understand it, but you will experience a letting go - and you will come to know how suffering can be dropped. And when you become good at the art of letting go of suffering, then one day you will realize that you were dragging it around with you - and no one except you was responsible for this. Whatever suffering you experienced, nobody else was to blame. It was your wish, you wanted to suffer. Whatsoever we wish for comes to pass. And whatsoever you are is the fruit of your wishes. Neither God is responsible, nor luck; no one has any investment in causing you trouble.

The truth is that existence is always eager to make you blissful. This whole existence wants your life to become a celebration - because when you are unhappy you also throw unhappiness all around you; when you are unhappy then the stink from your wounds reaches to the whole of existence. And when you are unhappy existence also feels pain. This whole universe feels pain when you are unhappy and rejoices when you are joyful. Existence has no wish for you to be unhappy: that would be suicidal for existence itself. But you are unhappy, and to become unhappy you have developed a certain system. Until this is destroyed, you will never be able to open your eyes to happiness, to bliss.

What is this system? What arrangement has man created to accumulate suffering? How does he collect it? Try to understand this a little - then perhaps it will be easier for you to let go of it.

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