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Chapter 8: Everybody Is Extraordinary

Let me repeat it again: everybody is extraordinary, so nobody needs to try. Don’t suffer with this unnecessary inferiority. And if you suffer from it, you can go on suffering for ages; you can go on creating it, and you can go on finding new ways and means. Somebody has a longer nose than you - you are inferior. Somebody has blond hair - you are inferior. Somebody has those beautiful eyes - and you are inferior. Somebody is more intelligent - and you are inferior. Somebody is a little taller - and you are inferior. If you go on looking and searching for misery, it is available. You can find it in every person that passes by - you will find that something or other is missing in you. But it is your way of looking at things that creates misery.

Forget everybody, just look into the gifts that existence has given to you, and gratitude arises. In fact, there is no reason, no raison d’etre for this existence to be, no reason for this rain this morning, for this melody, this beautiful song that clouds are singing around you. If it were not there we could not have complained. If it were not there, we could not have asked that it should be. It is simply there without our asking. It is there. We have not even knocked at the door, and the door is open. And millions of gifts are showering on you; just look at those gifts, and you will be surprised. You will be surprised at how you have been missing them. Just the joy of breathing is enough to be grateful for, just the joy of meeting a friend is enough to be grateful for, just the joy of sitting silently doing nothing.. The joy of a morning or an evening, the joy of the night.. Just go on looking for the joyous, and you will find it.

You only find that which you look for. You have been looking for misery. You can create misery; today it is raining and tomorrow it will not be raining, then tomorrow you can be miserable - “Why is it not raining today?” And when it is raining you are not grateful.

Start feeling grateful. Happiness comes closer and closer the more you become grateful. Gratitude functions like magnetism; the complaining mind repels happiness, it closes doors. It all depends on you. I can show you the way, but you will have to walk on it. Buddha has said: “Buddhas can only point the way; they cannot walk for you.” You will have to walk. I am showing you the way.

You have become very clever, efficient, in creating misery for yourself. Change the direction of your energies; channel them toward the joy, the beauty.this cuckoo calling from far away. And, slowly, slowly you will see that so many things were there but you were not seeing them. Your eyes were full of misery, hence you were missing. Your eyes were clouded, they were hazy, foggy. That’s why you were missing.

And one can miss by a small margin; one can miss by only a small thought. A small thought can become a barrier and you can miss the whole beauty of the vast Himalayas. You can be there - watching the beautiful peaks of the Himalayas, and the sun falling on the Himalayan snow, showering gold all around - and a thought comes into your mind, and the Himalayas have disappeared, the thought clouds you. You remember something - the other day somebody had insulted you - and that’s enough. Or you start planning for the future: “Tomorrow I have to leave,” and the Himalayas have disappeared. And the thought is so small, and the Himalayas are so big, but even a small thought can hinder because the thought is so close to you, and it can stand in between. Just a small particle of dust can fall in your eye, and just a small particle - almost invisible - can make you blind, and you cannot open your eyes, and you cannot see the sun shining.

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