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Chapter 2: The Paths of Love and Meditation

A shop is neither good nor bad. Writing poetry is neither good nor bad. Nothing is good or bad - the question is, whatever is suitable for you, whatever falls in tune with your self-nature. Then even if you have to drop everything for it, do it, but don’t abandon your self-nature. Even if you would gain the whole world at the cost of your self-nature, don’t take it. Because in the end you will see that it was not an achievement at all, it was a deception.

Ultimately, only your self-nature remains with you. Everything else is left behind. In this world we come with our self-nature and we depart with our self-nature. Everything else in between is just a story - it forms, it scatters and it vanishes.

So when I say “total acceptance,” remember that I don’t mean that a sannyasin who renounces the world, who stays in the caves of the Himalayas, is not accepted. No, he too is accepted. If someone’s song arises only in the Himalayas and only there a dance comes into his life, then neither I nor anybody else has the right to ask him to remain in the marketplace. He should be in the Himalayas. But don’t think that the song arises because of the Himalayas, otherwise a shopkeeper will mistakenly go there thinking that the song or the dance can only happen in the Himalayas: “I will also renounce everything and go to the Himalayas.” Then he will only be sad and unhappy, and he will suffer.

This song is neither in the Himalayas nor in the marketplace. This song is within you, in your self-nature. When there is a harmony between you and your self-nature, then this song is born. The song is not outside you.

So create such a way of living that there can be a harmony between your self-nature and your outer life, that there can be no contradiction between your lifestyle and your inner stream, that there is a communion, an accord, a harmony, a rhythm; that your inner life and your outer life move in step together. If you are going to the West on the inside and to the East on the outside, there will be tension in your life: there will be trouble, worries and anguish. And finally there will be nothing else left in you but misery. You will certainly not be able to experience meditation.

Meditation is the state of being when your inner nature and your outer life are in such a harmony that the outer is no longer the outer and the inner does not seem to be the inner - when the outer has become the inner and the inner has become the outer. When there is such a harmony that it becomes difficult for you to draw a boundary line as to where is your inner and where is your outer, just in that moment, just in that very moment of union, of communion, the divine harmony descends on you. The more tension there is, the more difficult it is for the divine to descend. The more harmony there is, the more is the possibility for the doors to open.

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