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Chapter 7: Devotion Has No Cause

Life goes on like this: you are afraid of the other and the other is afraid of you. Fear goes on growing like this.

America is afraid of Russia, Russia is afraid of America. India is afraid of Pakistan, Pakistan is afraid of India. Every day the leaders are making statements: “You have bought weapons, you bought this, you bought that - where did you get the help from?” Their very beings are trembling, as if there is nothing else in their lives but fear. And behind this fear is hidden that trinity.

You have believed in that which is not. You are strongly clinging to your nothingness, your nakedness, so that nobody should take it from you! And because of your clinging the other person thinks that you must have the Kohinoor diamond in your hand: “Would someone hold just pebbles in their hands like that? One simply throws pebbles away.”

The other comes to take something, then your belief is strengthened that he is after the Kohinoor. Otherwise why would anyone unnecessarily risk his life? You forget that you have nothing but pebbles in your hands.

Then there is the greed which hears things which are not said. It creates notions that have nothing to do with the facts.

People come to me. Although they are coming to meditate, they are coming from the marketplace; they have their greed within them. Actually, they become interested in meditation because of this greed. They could not achieve anything by making money, so perhaps they will achieve something through meditating. They did not get anything in the world, now perhaps they will get it through religion. They did not get anything by counting money, perhaps they will get it by counting the beads of a rosary - but the counting is the same.

Sometimes it happens that I tell someone that yes, you can attain it, but then this desire becomes the hindrance. The greatest hindrance to experiencing the ultimate is the desire for it. They are too impatient to attain; they want it right now. You make so much fuss without asking yourself whether or not you are worthy. When you are worthy, you will experience it the same day. I will tell a story for these greedy people:

A fakir experienced the ultimate experience. When it happened people asked him, “How did it happen?”

He said, “I will tell you my story. I had great wealth, great riches, and I wanted to attain God. One night I saw an angel descending in my dream who said, ‘What are you searching for?’

“I said, ‘I am searching for God, and I am going to him.’”

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