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Chapter 10: Meditation: The Soul of Devotion

Thinking can help you to eliminate other thoughts. I am speaking to you: whatever I am saying is going to be a thought for you even though it is my experience, it is my vision. When I say something to you it will be a thought for you. You will hear me, and if these thoughts create a hindrance, then by speaking I am increasing your hindrances. But I speak in the hope that if you can understand, then this thorn of thought will take out the other thorns of thought that are already settled in you.

Sometimes poison is needed to kill poison. When there is a disease in your body, you go to a physician and he injects you with a virus of the same disease. When an injection of a virus is given to you, then your whole body gets a jolt and prepares itself to fight the disease. It begins to struggle with it. In that very effort of struggling, you eliminate the disease. You have had the experience of a thorn: if you get a thorn in your foot then you can take it out with another thorn. Most of the allopathic medicines are made from poisons. A disease is a poison, so to eliminate it we give a different poison.

Thinking is a hindrance. To remove it I give you some new thoughts. Use them like a thorn. It does not mean that you should throw away your thoughts and save my thoughts - that would be stupid. Then you have taken out one thorn and you have put the second thorn back into the wound. Both thorns have to be thrown away. The thoughts which are yours and the thoughts which I give you, throw both of them away so that you can become thought-less.

This is the utility of thinking, it is of no more use than this. Its use is negative. An intelligent person uses his thoughts for negation. An idiot, an unintelligent person, uses his thoughts positively - and it is because of this positive use that he becomes entangled in thoughts. You can go beyond only by using thinking negatively.

The third question:

You have said that it is necessary to pass through the experiences of life. People like me have become sannyasins without going through the light and darkness, the ups and downs of life. What will happen to us?

The first thing: my concept of sannyas is not against the world. Hence, by participating in my sannyas you are not dropping out of the light and the darkness of life. On the contrary, the world is like the heat of a hot sun, and now you can share the cool shade too. By becoming my sannyasin you have not dropped out of the world: on the contrary, you have gained sannyas.

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