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Chapter 1: Nothing Else to Tell except This

You will think, “Perhaps it is a state of being. Then there is nothing that I can do about it.” Then your anger will continue and you will not do any meditation. Your sex, your greed will continue.

If I tell the truth, you are not helped by me. The difficulty is that if I say something keeping you in mind, I have to take recourse to telling what is not entirely true. But if I say something keeping myself in mind, it is useless for you. It is not only useless; it is also dangerous because you happen to be the listener. Deep down it will be a hindrance to you if I tell you the complete truth exactly as I see it.

That is why, if I say exactly what I feel, I cannot be of any help to you. On the contrary, what I would say would be a hindrance to you, like Krishnamurti’s talks which hinder people’s progress more than they help it. The deeper I look, the more I feel that such talks are harmful. What he is saying is the inner truth, but for you it is not helpful. For you it is only an excuse to stop doing anything.

Is silence very powerful? If so, then why should anybody speak in words?

Yes, silence is very powerful, but first there must be people who can hear what is conveyed in silence.

Why is it necessary to make people listen?

It is necessary to me because I see that you are moving unknowingly toward a deep pit, and it is clear to me that you will fall into the pit and break your hands or feet. I can convey this fact to you in silence. But your ears cannot hear my silent message, so I have to shout at you to warn you, “Be careful! You will fall into the pit.”

Do you lose any energy by doing so?

No, no! No energy is lost. One who has known the source of energy does not lose energy. Only one who does not know the source can lose.

If I write anything like an autobiography, it may be either truth or untruth. If it is truth, it may harm you. If it is untruth, I would not want to write it. If it is completely truthful, it will cause you harm because I will have to say that whatever you are doing now is useless. You will readily agree with me that it is so.

One day an individual came to me. He said, “Because Krishnamurti said that meditation is useless, I have stopped doing meditation.”