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Chapter 8: The Bell Tolls for Thee

The first question:

You have spoken extensively on knowledge. Kindly explain the things that are included in the development of being.

Being never develops. Being simply is. There is no evolution. There is no time involved in it. It is eternity. It is not becoming. Spiritually, you never develop, you cannot. As far as the ultimate goal is concerned, you are already there. You have never been anywhere else.

Then what is development? Development is only a kind of awakening to the truth that you are. The truth does not grow: only recognition grows, remembrance grows.

That’s why I have not talked about the development of being. I talk about all the hindrances that are preventing your recognition. And knowledge is the greatest hindrance. Hence I have talked about it extensively. It is the barrier.

If you know that you know, you will never know. If you know that you know, what is the point of knowing? You can go on sleeping and dreaming.

The moment you recognize that you don’t know, that recognition of ignorance goes like an arrow into the heart, pierces you like a spear. In that very piercing, one becomes aware - in that very shock.

Knowledge is a kind of shock-absorber. It does not allow you to be shaken and shocked. It goes on protecting you. It is an arm our around you. I speak about knowledge, against knowledge, so that you can drop the arm our, so that life can shock you into awareness.

Life is there ready to shock you every moment. Your being is there inside you ready to be awakened any moment, but between these two there is knowledge. And the more of it there is, the more your self-awakening will be delayed.

Become unknowledgeable.

And never think of spirituality as a growth. It is not a growth. You are already Gods, Buddhas, from the very beginning. It is not that you have to become buddhas: the treasure is there - only you don’t know where you have put it. You have forgotten the key, or you have forgotten how to use the key.

You are so drunk with knowledge that you have become oblivious of all that you are. Knowledge is alcoholic; it makes people drunk. Then their perception is blurred, then their remembrance is at the minimum. Then they start seeing things which are not, and they stop seeing things which are.

That’s why, I have not talked about how to evolve your being. Being is already as it should be, it is perfect. Nothing is needed to be added to it, nothing can be added to it. It’s God’s creation. It comes out of perfection, hence it is perfect. Just withdraw all the hindrances that you have created.

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