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Chapter 3: Walking the Tightrope

The Rabbi has chosen a beautiful parable. He has not talked about God at all; he has not talked about service at all; he has not really answered the question at all directly. The disciples must have themselves forgotten about the question - that’s the beauty of a parable. It doesn’t divide your mind into a question and an answer, it simply gives you a hunch that this is how things are.

Life has no ‘know-how’ about it. Remember, life is not American, it is not a technology. The American mind, or to be more specific, the modern mind, tends to create technologies out of everything. Even when there is meditation the modern mind immediately tends to create a technology out of it. Then we create machines.and man is getting lost, and we are losing all contact with life.

Remember, there are things which cannot be taught, but which can only be caught. I am here, you can watch me, you can look into me and you will see a balance and you will see a silence. It is almost tangible, you can touch it, you can hear it, you can see it. It is here. I cannot say what it is, I cannot specifically give you techniques how to attain to it. At the most I can tell you a few parables, a few stories. They will be just hints. Those that understand will allow those hints to fall into their hearts like seeds. In their time, in the right season, they will sprout and you will understand me really only on the day you also experience the same that I am experiencing. I have crossed to the other shore, you are shouting from the other side, “Tell me, friend, how did you manage to cross?” I can tell you only one thing:

“I don’t know anything but this:
whenever I felt myself toppling to the one side,
I leaned to the other.”

Keep to the middle. Keep continuously alert that you don’t lose the balance, and then everything will take care of itself.

If you can remain in the middle you remain available to godliness, to its grace. If you can remain in the middle you can become a Hasid; you can become a receiver of grace. And godliness is grace. You cannot do anything to find it, you can only do one thing: not stand in its way. And whenever you move to an extreme you become so tense that that very tension makes you too solid; whenever you are in the middle tension disappears, you become liquid, fluid. And you are no more in the way. When you are in the middle you are no more in existence’s way - or let me tell you it in this way: when you are in the middle you are not. Exactly in the middle that miracle happens - that you are nobody, you are a nothingness.

This is the secret key. It can open the lock of mystery, of existence, to you.

Enough for today.