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Chapter 17: Religion Begins Where Ideas End

Within seconds a city of one hundred thousand people simply evaporated, and just a moment before there was so much life. I have seen a picture.one of my friends had sent a few pictures of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. In one of the pictures a schoolboy, maybe second grade or third grade, carrying his bag is going up a staircase. At the top is his study. At that moment the atom bomb fell on Hiroshima. The boy, with his bag and books, got completely burned and stuck into the wall. With the bag, with the books, his whole body burned like coal tar, stuck - still with one leg raised towards the higher step, but suddenly everything stopped.

And that very moment more than two hundred thousand people in both cities stopped. And these people were not war criminals, they were not soldiers; these were not in any way concerned with the war. They were civilians - children, women, old people, unborn children. What was their crime? For what were they being punished?

Now is there any idiot Hindu in the world who can say that these people were punished for their past life’s karmas? And how will you explain that two hundred thousand people committed exactly the same past karma in their past life? And they all gathered together in Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the same moment to suffer for their karma, for their evil act? Now, this seems to be sheer nonsense. They are not suffering from their karmas, they are suffering from the karmas of the politicians.

Albert Einstein wrote in his diary: “If I had known that this was going to be the result of my creativity, of my whole life’s work, then I would never have been a physicist. And if there is going to be another life for me, I pray to God, please make me a plumber rather than a physicist.”

Certainly what he did was a tremendous act of creativity, unparalleled in the whole of history. He had come to the most secret thing in the objective world. In fact, he had discovered half of the secret; the remaining half is the living cell in the human body.

This is the dead cell in things, the atom, that he had been able to split. And by splitting it, so much energy is created - by splitting such a small atom. You cannot see it with your bare eyes, nor can you see it by any technical means; it is only inferred, it is just in the calculations. It is only a figure of speech; you cannot pinpoint where it is, what it is.

Yes, all qualities have been described, descriptions have been given, but they are all inferences. But because they work, they are accepted to be true. Not that we have come face-to-face with the atom, but discovering half of the mystery of the objective world is the greatest achievement of man, of creativity, of inventiveness, of genius.

Certainly the other half is going to be far more difficult. But sooner or later we will be able to know, exactly in the same way, the explosion of the living cell. That day will be of great rejoicing because after that we can program man - his life, his mind, his genius, his age, his disease, his color of eyes, his color of hair, his height, his weight - everything in detail can be programmed. Once we can split the living cell then any program can be put into it.

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