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Chapter 13: Mind Is the Bondage

But the buddha is not the mind. The mind is the bondage of a buddha, and as he goes beyond the mind and enters into the state of no-mind, he becomes the buddha. But he comes from the mind - and you all have the mind, so you have fulfilled at least half the journey already!

The other half is to get out of the mind and declare your buddhahood. You need not shout it, you need not even whisper it. It will declare itself in your presence, in your words, in your silence, in the depth of your eyes, in the grace and beauty of your individuality, in the fragrance that will surround you.you will be like a cool breeze.

The word tathagata used for Gautam Buddha has two meanings. One meaning I have explained to you: it means the man who trusts existence and its suchness. Whatever happens, good or bad, misery or blissfulness, he remains unperturbed. He says it is the suchness of things. There is no need to be disturbed by suffering and there is no need to be disturbed by blissfulness. All these are natural phenomena. You have to remain aloof. That is one meaning of tathagata.

There is another meaning also, and that other meaning is significant in understanding these sutras. Tathagata means a man who comes like a breeze and goes like a breeze. Literally it means, “thus came, thus gone” - he does not wait for your invitation. Suddenly he comes, and he does not wait for you to prevent him; suddenly he is gone, but he has left behind an experience of coolness and calmness and tranquillity.

That calmness, coolness, serenity, silence, declare more loudly than anything else to the whole existence that a buddha has arrived, that now all the priests are in danger, that all the politicians are trembling inside. All those who are living on lies are scared to death. Truth has such power. It never harms anybody but it makes the whole fabrication of lies around the world tremble. A single man of truth is enough.

I am reminded of a Jewish story.

In the Old Testament it is said God became very angry - the Jewish god is a very angry God. He became angry about two cities, Gomorrah and Sodom, because they were practicing perverted sexual things, and he was ready to destroy them. In the Old Testament he actually did destroy them. It reminds one of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.total destruction, and the cities were almost exactly of the same size as Nagasaki and Hiroshima. They were great cities in those days, with populations almost equal to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And God destroyed them completely because they were becoming perverted.

But in Judaism there is a small stream of authentic mystics - that is the only beautiful thing that Judaism has contributed to the world. They are called Hassids. They are not accepted by orthodox Judaism, they are condemned, but they are people of truth. They cannot conceive of a God who can get angry, so they have written their own story. They don’t care what the Old Testament says.

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