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Chapter 2: Come Out of Your Mind

The real Jesus Was never on the cross, only the body was on the cross. The real Jesus never died, the real Jesus cannot die. You cannot die, nothing ever dies. That which dies was not really part of you. The non-essential dies, the essential continues. Nobody can kill you - I mean you, not your body. Your body can be killed. But you are so much identified with the body that when you see Jesus on the cross, you think Jesus is on the cross.

Not for a single moment was Jesus on the cross. He cannot be - he knows himself There is no way to crucify him. That is the hidden meaning of the phenomenon of resurrection: He resurrects because, in the first place, he has never died. If he had died, then there would have been no possibility of resurrection. Only the body, the outermost shell, has been killed. But because of this - this cross, this death, this suffering, this martyrhood - Christianity became obsessed with death, became very morbid about death. And people are very much afraid of death, frightened, scared. The more afraid they are, the more frightened they are, the more the cross becomes very significant.

A Krishna playing his flute does not look real. Who can play the flute in this ugly life, on this miserable earth where people are killing each other, exploiting, oppressing? Where human beings exist only in the dictionary, in the language?

Just the other day I was reading about Adolf Hitler’s concentration camps. In one concentration camp forty-five lakh people were killed, murdered, gassed. But they made good profit out of it. That was the real thing in it. The hair was sold, the bones were sold to the glue factories, the eyes were sold, everything was sold. Papers have been found, correspondence has been found in which factories were haggling over the price. And the officers.they were haggling about human being’s hair - how much they were going to ask. “When they are killed, how much are you ready to pay for their bones.?” Hitler was doing business with death, through death. It was a good going concern. They were giving almost nothing for the prisoners to eat. It was very cheap, and within two weeks the prisoner would be gone. Just two weeks they had to wait. So the cost was very low and the price was very good. The hair was going to the wig-makers, the bones were going to the glue factories, and so on and so forth.

How can one play the flute here where Adolf Hitlers exist, where Hiroshimas happen? Krishna looks like a dream. Christ looks very real. But let me tell you that Christ was also playing on his flute when he was on the cross. The flute continues - it makes no difference whether in life or in death the flute is eternal. Let me tell you that Krishna is more real! And the Christ that you have created is more or less a figment of your mind. You don’t know the real Christ.

So listening to me, it is going to be difficult for you, because I will be revealing a totally different Christ that you are not acquainted with. You have a Christ preached by the priests to you. You have a Christ painted by the Vatican. You have the Christ visualized by so many hysterical saints.

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