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Chapter 4: Danger: Truth at Work

But the strangest thing about these priests is: in the Second World War in England they were praying to God, the Christian God, for England’s victory, for Winston Churchill’s safety. And the Christians in Rome, where the pope is, in the Vatican, were praying for Mussolini’s safety and his victory - to the same Christian God. Not only that, Adolf Hitler was being blessed by the Christian bishops, and they were praying for his victory - to the same Christian God. Now what happened to that Christian God? He must have committed suicide! How to decide? - all are his people, and his agents are praying. In whose favor is he going to decide?

And Christians don’t see the point that when Adolf Hitler is in power, then the Christian priest prays for Adolf Hitler. He is just a coward. He could not say, “I will not pray for you and the ideology you stand for. I am going to pray that you should be defeated.” But no, brave people don’t become priests; they have other, better things to do. These are cowards. And these cowards go on poisoning other people’s minds; they make other people cowards. They have destroyed the whole of humanity and made it into a madhouse.

So if the masses are against me, it is expected. It cannot be otherwise, it is natural.

What is unexpected is that there are a few people all around the world who are able to stand with me, who are courageous enough to put their prejudices aside and listen to me, who are intelligent enough to recognize the truth when they come across it - whatsoever the cost and whatsoever the consequence.

In fact, nobody before me had such intelligent people as I have around the world, people of such caliber, so receptive, so willing to go through the fire test.

Yes, it is walking on fire when you go towards truth.

It is going to burn you; it is going to burn you completely. And then that which remains unburned, alive, is your reality. Everything else, which got burned, was rubbish poured over you by others. Nobody can burn the truth, but to attain the truth you will have to drop so many things, so many burdens.

But I am fortunate that at least one percent of humanity is almost ready to jump and create the first religion of the world: the religion of truth, consciousness - with no lies about God, heaven, hell, the Devil - just the purest twenty-four-carat truth.

Even one percent around the earth is a tremendous force. You should not think that it is only one percent against ninety-nine percent. No, those ninety-nine percent are nothing because they don’t have any fire of their own. They are dead before death; they are just walking corpses.

This one percent is tremendously powerful because it is alive.

The fire in it is going to transform the whole world. And those ninety-nine percent don’t count at all.

So I am not concerned with what the masses think about me. I am concerned only about the one percent of intelligent people in the world - what they think about me.