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Chapter 17: Almost Drunk With Emotion

He said, “I have to, otherwise I cannot face my wife. When I am utterly drunk I have so much courage I could face a lion! And when I am absolutely drunk I go home, I hit my boot on the doors, open the door, throw things here and there, make great noise, enter my wife’s room, give her a good hit on the hips and say to her, ‘Darling, how about it?’ - and she pretends to be deeply asleep!

“It is because of her I have to drink. Since I got married, I have not married my wife, I have married this alcohol. But what is the reason for you? You are also in the same position?”

The other said, “No. I am not married. I am a bachelor.”

The other man said, “Bachelor? It is unbelievable. Being a bachelor, what are you doing here? Drinking late in the night and you are just a bachelor?”

The bachelor said, “What else to do? In the house there is nothing but darkness. Sitting alone one becomes bored. Here it is very colorful and so many strange things happen every day. I started as what you call an amateur, but slowly, slowly.Now I am a perfect drunkard.”

There are people who are drinking because they have wives, and there are people who are drinking because they don’t have any wives. It is a strange world. One does not know on what logical basis it is being run, whether there is any logic at all in life or it is absolutely absurd.

Raga, you have to take your love out from the emotional grip where it has been since your birth, and you have to find a route to your being. Unless your love becomes part of your being, it is not much different from pain, suffering, sadness.

Emotions are not going to help you become an integrated individuality. They are not going to give you a granite soul. You will remain just like a piece of dead wood moving in the stream here and there, not knowing why.

Emotions blind man exactly as alcohol does. They may have good names like love, they may have bad names like anger, but once in a while you need to be angry at someone, it relieves you. You will see dogs making love on the roads, and people hitting them with stones. Now those poor fellows are not doing any harm to anybody and they are performing a biological ritual that you perform - they just don’t have to hide in houses - and they do so well. A crowd will move around them throwing stones, beating them.strange behavior!

People need to be angry once in a while, just as once in a while they need to be in love, and once in a while to hate someone. It doesn’t matter. That’s why people like Adolf Hitler can manage to find followers, on the grounds that it is because of the Jews that the world is in misery - so we have to erase the Jews from the earth and there will be no problem. All the problems are created by a Jewish conspiracy. He killed six million Jews and not a single problem of the world is solved. Now the world has more problems than it had before, but he convinced people like Martin Heidegger, the greatest philosopher of the contemporary world. Martin Heidegger was a follower of Adolf Hitler and also believed that it was the Jews.

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