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Chapter 4: Miracles Don’t Happen

I have heard:

The Pope lay gravely ill in the Vatican, and a message was issued that a special announcement would be made by the Cardinal from the balcony of St. Peter’s.

When the day came, the famous square was packed with the faithful. The aged Cardinal spoke in quavering tones, “His Holiness can only be saved by a heart transplant, and I am appealing to all you good Catholics gathered here today for a donor.”

He held up a feather and continued, “I shall drop this feather among you, and on whomsoever it falls, that person is the one chosen by Holy Providence to save the Holy Father’s life.”

With that he dropped the feather.and all that could be heard were twenty thousand devout Roman Catholics gently puffing.

Everybody is afraid. If the Holy Father wants to survive, why should these poor Catholics become donors?

I am not going to give you any consolation. I am not going to say to you, “The soul is eternal. Don’t be worried, you never die. Only the body dies.” I know that is true, but that truth one has to earn the hard way. You cannot learn by somebody else’s assertion and statement about it. It is not a statement; it is an experience. I know it is so, but it is absolutely meaningless for you.

You have not known what life is. How can you know what eternity is? You have not been able even to live in time. How can you be able to live in eternity?

One becomes aware of the deathless when one has become capable of accepting death. Through the door of death, the deathless reveals itself. Death is a way of the deathless to reveal itself to you, but in fear you close your eyes and you become unconscious.

No, I am not going to give you a method, a theory to get rid of it. It is symptomatic. It is good that it goes on indicating to you that you are living a false life. That’s why the fear is there. Just take the hint, and don’t try to change the symptom - rather try to change the basic cause.

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