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Chapter 24: Freedom of Expression

For example, in the Middle Ages in Europe, ladies were covering their dogs with valuable coats when they were taking them out, because a dog is a dog. If he meets some beautiful girl on the way. He does not believe in Christianity; he simply believes in nature. He may start moving towards the girl, and it will be very embarrassing to the lady.

And if the dog is naked, he may have erection - that is obscene. But obscene only to the perverted mind, otherwise what is wrong in a dog having a erection? It simply shows the dog is healthy. It simply shows the dog is interested in the girlfriend. It simply shows the dog is not dead yet.

The dog is not a monk, he has not taken any vow of being celibate. He is not a homosexual; all the monks are.

Just few days before one of the monk in Vatican created an electric device for masturbation. And just to test it, he tried it, but something went wrong.short circuit, and the monk was dead. This is obscenity.

But why the monk should create such a device? He is forced to remain celibate, and his biology has no idea of his celibacy. The biology goes on functioning in the same way. So he has to find some way. Now homosexuality has become dangerous.

Homosexuality was born in monasteries. I give the whole credit to religions for homosexuality. All the religions are responsible for homosexuality. And they should accept the responsibility for AIDS, because it is the ultimate outcome of their mad attempt of going against nature and forcing celibacy on people.

So this poor monk was trying how to avoid homosexuality.

This is obscene.

So either things are natural, real - then there is no question of preventing any expression.

If somebody is bringing unreal, unnatural things to people’s mind, then he is a pervert. He should be prevented, because the freedom of expression does not mean that you can poison other people’s minds.

The priests should be prevented from preaching celibacy, because that is the root cause of all the perversions. But no court rules against celibacy.

And anything that can be expressed in words can also be printed, painted, sculpted - there should be no limitation on it. The only thing that should be prevented is anybody creating in people sick ideas.

You are free to express, but you are not free to vomit over people’s mind. You are free to express, but you are not to create people nauseous, sick. That will be a crime.

So, it may be a holy book, but if it creates sickness in people’s mind and perversion to their natural beings, it should be prohibited.

And you will be surprised that almost all the holy books are worth being banned. They all carry unnatural, idiotic ideas. And because they are thought to be holy, those ideas become conditionings in people’s minds.

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