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Chapter 9: My Empire Consists Only of Emperors

I had asked Sheela, “Why don’t you put a big screen also by the side?” But the problem was that it would be a distraction: to look at me, or to look at the screen? So you have to make this compensation. Here I am alive. There I will be on the screen, available to everybody - but it will be only a picture. So you are both compensated: they can see me, you can feel me. And every commune is going exactly the way we are going.

This commune is the prototype for all the communes around the world. I can help you to save yourself from AIDS.

And I am not worried any more about nuclear weapons and the third world war. I was worried in the beginning because there was a possibility four years ago that either America or Russia could have won - at a very great cost. Most of humanity would have gone. But four years ago there was a possibility of somebody becoming victorious. Now that possibility is finished. They are going on piling up more and more nuclear weapons. Already they have so much that they can kill every single individual seven hundred times.

And you know, even the only begotten son of God, Jesus Christ, missed resurrection. We are ordinary people, we are not in any special relationship with God. Your mothers were not made pregnant by the Holy Ghost. Dying one time is enough. Seven hundred times seems to be just stupidity. Whom are you going to kill? Who is going to kill seven hundred times? So now a third world war is out of the question. Forget about it, it is not going to happen.

Now the only problem that is facing us is AIDS. And from that we can manage to save at least our people. So spread the message to all the sannyasins who are still living in the outside world. Perhaps they have their vested interests there - salaries, positions, employment; forget all about that because AIDS is also there. And it will catch you sooner or later - more probably sooner than later.