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Chapter 9: I Teach a Religionless Religion

Now, nobody knows about the Holy Ghost, whether he is man or woman or neutral. And this Holy Ghost is the person responsible for making Mary pregnant - and still he is holy! He is a rapist, because Mary was not aware of it; she was not a willing partner in it, and she was already married. But the Holy Ghost did this, perhaps he is still around in the world - and he is one third of God!

A man like Bertrand Russell was prevented from being a religious person because of the idea of God. And any idea of God will create problems. The Hindu God. Instead of the trinity the Hindus have a parallel - Trimurti: one god with three faces, three persons joined together in one person. But all three are constantly fighting each other - so childish is their behavior. It is good that Sigmund Freud was only aware of Christian and Judaic traditions. If he had been aware of Hindu tradition he would have found immense support for his hypothesis.

In Hinduism God created the world. The first being he created was a woman, naturally, because without a woman nothing else can grow - the woman has to come first. But in creating a beautiful woman, he himself became infatuated. Now, the father becoming infatuated with his own daughter. That’s what Freud was looking for but nobody informed him that it was available. For his whole life, Freud was trying to prove that each father is infatuated with the daughter and each mother is infatuated with the son. And there is some truth in it - but God getting infatuated with his own daughter.

Then the woman becomes afraid and she tries to escape, and the only way to escape is to change shapes, forms, disguises. She becomes a cow, but how can you deceive God? He becomes a bull. She becomes other kinds of animals, and God follows. That’s how the whole creation comes into being - the woman running and the father following her and trying to rape her. He is still doing the same thing.

With such a God, what kind of religion do you think is possible? This God is a sexual maniac; he needs psychotherapy. He cannot be the center of religion; he cannot even be on the circumference of religion. He should be inside a mental asylum. But if you read Hindu scriptures you will be very disturbed by the kind of things that millions of people belonging to the oldest religion in the world are carrying.

These are the three phases of the Hindu God: Brahma is the creative phase, he creates the world; Vishnu, the second phase, maintains the world; and Shiva destroys the world when the time comes to destroy it. In a way it is perfectly balanced: all the three functions that existence needs - creation, maintenance, and one day, de-creation. But if you look into the inner life of these three persons, you cannot believe it.

One day, Vishnu and Brahma are quarreling about something. In the first place, the idea of a quarrel between two parts of God makes him schizophrenic. If your hands start fighting each other. And that’s what you are doing in your mind: one part fighting against the other part. Sometimes you become so split that you are already two persons, and sometimes you are many persons. God is already three persons - he is not one whole, one piece - and all the three are constantly quarreling.

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