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Chapter 39: Your Mind Is Not Yours

For example, in India the cow is worshipped as the mother. Anybody who has not been brought up as a Hindu is simply going to be skeptical, “This is nonsense!” And this is not all. Hindus do things that nobody can even conceive of: they drink the urine of the cow because it is holy, they eat cow dung because it is holy.

And it is not only the villagers or the uneducated, or the uncultured. In Mahatma Gandhi’s ashram there was a man, a professor, who lived for six months only on the urine of cows and cow dung - not eating anything else, not drinking anything else. And Mahatma Gandhi praised him, saying that he is a saint.

Now, Hindus are angry at me because I cannot accept this kind of stupidity - that it can make somebody a saint. It simply proves that man was an idiot! But Mahatma Gandhi is a politician; he is also not a saint. If he was a saint he would also have said, “This is nonsense. You cannot become holy by eating cow dung.” But he is a politician par excellence, in the garb of a religious saint. Saying that this man is a saint, he has satisfied the whole Hindu community; now he is the whole and sole leader of all the Hindus. Anybody who has not been brought up by the Hindus will not be able to accept it.

So any deviation from the norm in any society.. There are many people who you call mad, but they are not mad. They are simply not agreeing with your madness; they have a private madness of their own. You have a collective madness.

Now, for example, if all four hundred million Hindus accept without any question the idea that drinking the urine of cows makes you holy, and somebody starts drinking the urine of a horse, they say he is mad. I simply say that he is privately mad, you are collectively mad. But you both are mad!

I would like that man more than this collective madness; at least he has the courage to do something private, individual. It will look foolish to all the Hindus, but they will not look foolish to themselves, to their own mind.

No society wants strangers, outsiders. Why is the whole world afraid of me? I am not a terrorist; I am not making bombs and killing people. I am a nonviolent person. But they can accept terrorists.

In Germany it actually happened at the same time.. They prevented me from entering Germany, passed a resolution in the Parliament that I am a dangerous man and I should not be allowed any entry into Germany, and at the same time they allowed all the terrorist groups of Europe to have a world conference.

I was simply amazed! All the terrorist groups that have been murdering people, that have hijacked airplanes, that have bombed embassies, that have kidnapped people - their international conference is allowed, but I cannot be allowed four weeks of being a tourist in the country.

Those terrorists are not of a different mind.

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