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Chapter 23: A Very Creative Chaos

Existence is now and here. I have never bothered about the future. When I leave the body these people will celebrate, as we celebrate everything. And I have no responsibility for them, so the question of anybody succeeding me does not arise. The successor is needed only when I have any responsibility. I have no responsibility. My approach is that everybody is responsible for his own life.

In this commune they are not here to dump their responsibility on me; they are here to learn how to stop dumping responsibility on others, how to take the whole responsibility of life on one’s own shoulders. That’s what gives a man dignity, integrity, self. For the first time he feels he is. And the responsibility makes him free of all kinds of slaveries, enslavements.

So, I’m not going to say what they have to do when I am gone. That is manipulating people even when you are dead. Moses is still manipulating the Jews. He was not satisfied while alive. While alive he tortured his people for forty years in the Middle East desert in search of some holy land.

So would you say that the Bible is accurate in speaking of Moses, or is that a myth?

The Bible is just fiction.

You mentioned God just a few minutes ago and I was wondering what your concept of God is. I know you’ve been asked that so many times, but.

My concept is exactly whole, because I can read nowhere; I don’t have to cut words in two. God is nowhere.

I was wondering that, because when.

No, wait. Don’t wonder, let me finish. Moses tortured the Jews for forty years. Almost seventy-five percent of his followers died in that stupid search for a holy land. And finally, not because they had found the holy land but just to save face, he declared Israel to be the holy land. Now, there is nothing holy in Israel! And Moses gave them commandments to be followed after he is gone. The same was done by Mohammed, by Buddha. They were too concerned about what their people are going to do when they are gone.

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