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Chapter 18: The Good Shepherd: The Butcher’s Best Friend

Are you especially against Christianity?

I hate to favor Christianity with any special attention but unfortunately it deserves it. It is the ugliest manifestation of religion on the earth, for many reasons.

The first: Christianity is the only well-organized religion.

The more a religion is well-organized, the less is the possibility of its being a religion.

Truth, by its very nature, cannot be organized.

To organize truth, or to kill it, mean the same thing.

Truth is alive when organization is only functional, loose. Christianity’s organization is very tight, bureaucratic, hierarchical. Because of this kind of organization, it has become more a game of power politics than the flowering of religious qualities.

In the past two thousand years Christianity has done more harm to humanity than any other religion. Mohammedanism has tried to compete with it but has not been successful. It came very close but Christianity still remains on the top. It has slaughtered people, burned people alive. In the name of God, truth, religion, it has been killing and slaughtering people - for their own sake, for their own good.

And when the murderer is murdering you for your own good, then he has no feeling of guilt at all. On the contrary, he feels he has done a good job. He has done some service to humanity, to God, to all the great values of love, truth, freedom. He feels excited. He feels that he is now a better human being. When crimes are being used for people to feel better human beings, that is the worst that can happen to anybody. Now he will be doing evil, thinking it is good. He will be destroying good, thinking it is good.

This is the worst kind of indoctrination that Christianity has put into people’s minds. The idea of the crusade, of a religious war, is a great contribution of Christianity. Mohammedanism learned it from Christianity; they cannot claim to be the originators of the idea. They call it jihad, holy war, but they came five hundred years later than Jesus. Christianity had already created in people’s minds the idea that a war too can be religious.

Now, war as such is irreligious.

There cannot be anything like a crusade, a jihad, a holy war.

If you call war holy, then what is left to be called unholy?

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